Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 29th August 2019 Written Update

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 29th August 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 29th August 2019 Written Episode

Angoori says Tiwari,Vibhu dances so well right, Tiwari says thats his job to dance and beg, Angoori says quite he is a star, Tiwari says why defend him, Angoori says im gonna partner with them and learn to respect artist, Tiwari scolds her.

Anu calls Vibhu, Vibhu walks to her and says im sleepy, Anu says its romance time, Vibhu says it was long day and im tried, Anu says but i am in.

Anu says Vibhu i want you to go Indore,Vibhu says I won’t good night. Angoori calls Amaji, and tells she wants to join team street dancer and Tiwari not allowing her,Amaji says Vibhu dances so well i have seen on TV, Amaji scolds Tiwari and says she will do as she wishes to.

Meenal and Anurag visit Anu, Meenal says Anurag is visiting South Africa he didnt want to but i said im not Anu that you dont listen to me, Anu says Vibhu did go Meerut when i scolded him, Tiwari walks in, Anu says Vibhu went Meerut so seal the topic and winks. Tiwari starts blushing, Tiwari says somebody fooled you Vibhuti didn’t go Meerut plus he has influenced Angoori and she joined them.

Everyone walk out hearing music and see Angoori and Vibhu dance. Meenal makes fun of Tiwari and Anu, Meenal says Vibhu I can understand he is irresponsible but your wife she has to dance on streets to earn bad days god and Anu all this happening is bad for your image, and same with you Tiwari.

Anu asks Tiwari to do something so that Vibhu wont be able to dance. Tiwari from PCO makes call as Prem Choudhary to injure Vibhu. Hapu in police station busy on call, Master rushes to him and asks to save Sanskar, Hapu says calm down why are you panicked have water,relax now tell me. Master says my son is in trouble. Hapu says i will save him, Master says i dont want sanskar to be prisoned, Hapu says i need my bribe. master says i work hard to earn my money, Hapu says think properly and then come to me your final deal is to pay me, 40000.

Tiwari walks to Master and asks whats the matter is it Sanskar,Master says Hapu wants me to pay him 40000 as bribe. Master says please help me to earn 40000, Tiwari says you can help me in one way and i will pay you 40000, you have to break Vibhutia legs. Master says what nonsense is this, Tiwari convinces him.

Pre cap :Master says Vibhuti can’t dance anymore because im breaking his legs and attacks.

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