Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 5th July 2024 Written Update

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 5th July 2024 Written Update by Tanaya

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 5th July 2024 Written Episode

Angoori is worshipping the god inside her house. Saxena shows up and greets her. Angoori asks that who is he? Saxena tells hil that he’s her sin, and Angoori remembers. Saxena says that he’s here to take Tiwari with him, so that he can complete his drawing. Angoori tells him that he’s sleeping inside his bedroom, he’s very sick due to getting drenched in the rain. Saxena asks if he can get some water. Angoori says, sure and leaves to bring the water. Saxena apologises to her and goes to Tiwari’s bedroom. Angoori returns with water but she forgets why did she bring water and takes it back.

Saxena wakes up Tiwari and he gets terrified. Saxena says that he needs to complete his painting. Tiwari gets up and runs away from Saxena. Saxena says that he has to get it complete the painting anyhow, or else he will also get ill. Angoori shows up and Saxena swears on Tiwari and Angoori doesn’t interfere between them. Tiwari hides behind Angoori. Saxena pulls out a gun and takes Tiwari with him.

Tiwari is posing in the rain and Saxena is painting him while both of the are getting drenched. Tiwari asks that how much time will he take? Saxena says that he’s detailing. Tiwari moves because he got worried. Saxena slaps him and tells him to stay still. Tiwari says that he wont be able to recover from this fever. Saxena says that he will take care of him. Anu shows up on her balcony. Tiwari asks Anu that how is he looking? Anu replies that he’s looking like a scarecrow standing in a farm. Tiwari gets disappointed. Anu tells him to show her the painting when it’s completed and goes back inside. Saxena tells Tiwari that his painting is completed. Tiwari’s body gets stuck in the same pose and faints on the floor.

Tiwari is admitted into hospital. Anu shows up to check up on him. Tiwari asks Anu if she likes people who get drenched in the rain. Anu says that she hate them, and even thinks that they are careless. Tiwari gets confused and asks if she said the opposite while talking to her friend Meenal. Anu says that she was talking about a novel. Tiwari feels miserable. Anu asks Tiwari about the painting? Saxena shows up with the painting. Tiwari says that he also wants to see the painting. Saxena unveils the painting and it’s just a simple drawing of a stick figure. Anu and Tiwari both get disappointed. Tiwari faints back.

Anu is ready with a guy in the woods to catch Vibhu. Vibhu and David shows up. Vibhu tells David that he’s really terrified of thunder and lightning, and he’s also anticipating that it will fall over him. David tells him to be patient, he will help him. Vibhu says that he’s already being very patient. David leaves to pee. Vibhu tells him come back soon. Anu tells the guy to strick fake lightning. Vibhu gets terrified. David comes back and tells him that he doesn’t even the mark of the lightning that strike him. Vibhu gets excited and faints. Anu comes out of the bushes and wakes him. Vibhu comes back to his senses. Anu asks if he’s still afraid of lightning. Vibhu says that he’s not sure. Anu signals the guy behind the bushes to strike lightning again, but this time Vibhu doesn’t get scared. Everyone starts celebrating.

Vibhu decides that he will make Angoori confess her love to him anyhow. Angoori shows up and just when she’s about to confess Ammaji shows up and tells Angoori that the cure has changed and now she has to say “i love you brother”. Vibhu disappears as soon as he listens this. Angoori gets confused.

Teeka and Tillu are fooling Gupta, MasterJi and Prem while being disguised as a lady. Prem tries to have romance with Teeka and Teeka gets up and he says that he doesn’t feel comfortable with him. Teeka takes out his wig and Prem gets terrified. He gets furious and breaks the rose he brought. The same thing happens with MasterJi and Gupta. Tillu gets exposed. Gupta and MasterJi get confused. Tillu calls Teeka and walks away casually.

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