Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 5th July 2024 Written Update

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 5th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 5th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sajeeri taking Sachi to show the room. Nalini worries. Aaji thinks Sajeeri’s game will get over now. Sajeeri shows the guest room and asks Sachi to sit. She asks did you fight with Preeti. Sachi says I should have not gone with Nikhil. Sajeeri asks did you go to London with him. Sachi says I didn’t go, I was in live in with Nikhil, mom stopped my pocket money when she knew this, I had no money and came to meet you. Sajeeri asks why didn’t you come before, I m always with you. Sachi says Shivam and you like each other, right. Sajeeri blushes.

Aaji says Mandira, go and ask Sajeeri to make coffee for me and Sachi. Mandira asks did you call Sachi. Shivam comes home. Nalini tries to tell him. He is on call. He goes upstairs. Aaji says its all fate. Shivam relaxes in his room. Sachi massages his head. He turns and sees her. He gets shocked and says you….. Sajeeri comes and says Sachi is my childhood friend. Shivam goes and looks for Nalini. He asks Sajeeri why did Sachi come to stay here. Aaji asks what’s the problem, she is Sajeeri’s friend and my friend’s daughter, she can stay here. He goes. Sachi looks on. Sajeeri makes the food. Sachi says you make Shivam’s fav food. Shivam hears them. Aaji says Shivam doesn’t like anything made by Sajeeri. Shivam says its nothing like that. She gives halwa to Shivam. Aaji says its sweet. Sajeeri says its without sugar. Shivam says Sajeeri takes care of us, its very yummy. He asks Aaji to taste it. Nalini smiles.

Nalini says you were praising Sajeeri to show Sachi. Shivam says no, she really made tasty sheera, I never lie about food. He goes. Sachi says I will serve the food. She puts chilli in the food. Everyone eats the food. Sachi smiles and thinks now Shivam will get angry. Shivam says its delicious. Sachi feels the spice. She gets up and shouts. Sajeeri runs to give her water. Sharad says its delicious, what happened to Sachi. Shivam asks are you okay. He asks Sajeeri, don’t you know if she wants chilli or not, go and get chocolate for her. Sajeeri says I didn’t add much chilli. Sachi eats the chocolate. She runs. Aaji pulls her inside the storeroom. Sachi asks why did you pull me this way. Aaji shows the chillies.

She says you like the add chilli right, I had swapped the bowls. Sachi asks why. Aaji says you think Shivam would scold Sajeeri, she would say sorry, I wanted to see what would he do if anything happened to you, he got worried for you and shouted on Sajeeri, it showed that he cares for you.

Shivam gives sorry note to Sajeeri. He says sorry for shouting in anger, I care for you, not you, Aaji would have scolded you and I would have felt bad. She smiles. Aaji says Shivam will come back to you, he didn’t forget you even now, he cares for you, you have to awaken his love.

Sajeeri gets the file for Shivam. He thanks her. He says one paper is missing. She says I got it from the room. He says quotation paper is missing, it was imp. Sachi gets the paper and says Riya was playing with it, I don’t want Shivam to have any loss, Sajeeri dropped this in the corridor, I knew it was imp so I got it. Sajeeri thanks her.

Aaji says its Sachi’s birthday, get a nice gift for Sachi. Shivam gets a saree for Sajeeri. Sachi wears it and says sorry.

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