Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 7th June 2024 Written Update

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 7th June 2024 Written Update by Tanaya

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 7th June 2024 Written Episode

Anu, Tiwari, and Angoori are seated together. Anu appears tense. Tiwari and Angoori wonder what occurred. Anu claims that Vibhu is mistreating her; he has been extremely angry and upset. Tiwari asks why. Anu starts crying and complains that he is treating her like a maid. Anu claims that he walked outside in the searing heat and has since changed his behavior. Angoori suggests to Tiwari that he talk to Vibhu. Tiwari agrees.

Vibhu receives a call from Anu’s friend, Meenal. Vibhu takes up the phone and begins yelling at her. Vibhu even warns her against calling him again. Vibhu ends the call. Tiwari shows up and urges him to calm down. Vibhu even begins shouting at him, humiliating him.

Tiwari inquires as to why the person is speaking in this manner. Vibhu claims that society treats him like this. Tiwari asks Vibhu why he is treating Anu so differently. Vibhu claims to dislike everyone, including the name “Anita”. Tiwari wonders why it’s such a wonderful name. Vibhu hits Tiwari, making his head become numb. Anu and Angoori are waiting for Tiwari on the balcony, drinking juice. Angoori begins to tell her humorous Tiwari stories. Anu feels overjoyed. Anu expresses deep concern for Vibhu. Angoori calms her, assuring her that Tiwari will take care of him.

Vibhu drags Tiwari out of his house and begins beating him severely. When Angoori calls Vibhu, he stops. Vibhu begins to dream of having a good time with Angoori. Vibhu stops pounding Tiwari and collapses in Tiwari’s arms. Everyone is gathering together. Angoori is massaging Tiwari. Vibhu beat Tiwari, leaving him with bruises. David claims that Vibhu had punched him hard. Tiwari asks Anu to divorce him. Anu tells him to shut up! David agrees with Anu. Tiwari claims that he may even hit Anu in the near future. David claims that Vibhu is unwell and would recover as soon as his heat stroke is alleviated. Anu agrees with David. According to David, Vibhu is constantly violent with everyone except Angoori.

Vibhu is ranting at Prem on the phone. Angoori brings food to Vibhu. When Vibhu sees her, his aggression subsides. Vibhu ends the call. Vibhu says he felt quite chill as soon as he saw her. Angoori sits alongside him. Angoori inquires of Vibhu, “How are you feeling?” Vibhu responds quite well. Vibhu starts eating his lunch. Vibhu says the cuisine is delicious. Anu arrives and sits with Vibhu. She begs Vibhu to eat the rotis she purchased. Vibhu ignores her. Anu continues interrupting him. Vibhu becomes aggressive and yells at her. Anu feels guilty and exits the room. Angoori becomes worried.

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