Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 7th June 2024 Written Update

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 7th June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 7th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Aaji saying Mr. Mathur wants to sign a contract with our company, he is getting the papers home. Sajeeri goes. Shivam says fine, I will meet him if you have invited him. Priya tells Sajeeri about the air fryer. Sajeeri says I cook food in less oil. Priya shows the food processor. Shivam comes and looks on. Priya says I will go and see the kids. Shivam tries to talk to Sajeeri. Sajeeri goes. He says she has much ego, its my mistake, I have to say sorry.

Aaji says imp clients are coming today, don’t do any drama today, else we will lose this deal. Sajeeri says I will be careful. She says don’t tell the clients that you are Shivam’s wife, don’t feel bad. Sajeeri says I don’t want anyone to have a loss because of me. Aaji says good, you have worn this costly saree, you can wear a saree given by your family. Sajeeri says no, I will wear it, its precious for me. She goes. Aaji meets the clients. Mathur says Shivam makes world famous food. Nalini and Sajeeri get the snacks. Mathur sees Sajeeri and thinks to get familiar with her.

Sajeeri goes. Aaji talks to the guests. Mathur makes an excuse and goes to Sajeeri. He misbehaves with her. She asks him to leave her hand. She splashes some water at his face and tries to go away. She sees Shivam there. Shivam asks how dare you. He beats Mathur for misbehaving with Sajeeri. Everyone comes. Vikram and Sharad stop Shivam. Mathur says your maid misbehaved with me, I just asked for water, she splashed water on my face. Sajeeri says he is lying, he held my hand forcibly, so I had splashed the water. She hugs Nalini and cries. Shivam says I will dip you in the same water and kill you. Everyone stops him. Mathur says you insulted me for the sake of your maid, I was going to give you 6 months contract. Shivam says to hell with you and your contract, Sajeeri isn’t any maid, but my wife, Mrs. Shivam Mukadam, her name is Sajeeri. Nalini and Sajeeri get glad. Shivam says I would have done the same thing if there was any other girl, get out of my house. He throws out Mathur and the other men. Mathur says this insult will be proved costly to you. Shivam shouts out. Mathur leaves. Aaji asks what did you do this. Shivam says this was personal, how could I let him misbehave with Sajeeri for a deal, I will always do this, I can lose many such deals for the family respect. He goes. Nalini cries happily and holds Sajeeri. Vikram stares at her. Aaji gets angry.

Sajeeri recalls Shivam’s words. Shivam says sorry for the client misbehaving with you and also for my misbehavior about the room setting. Sajeeri says such things happen in big cities, it’s a new start of our relation, I should have understood it too, forgive me. He says its okay, I don’t like changes in my room, I dislike the mess, you can arrange your clothes on the cloth rack and remove this suitcase. She goes and feels hurt. He sees the bruise on her hand. He gets ointment for her. Supriya calls her. She asks how are you, and everyone there. Sajeeri says everyone is fine here. She sees Sangeeta refusing to take the new orders. She says I will come and cook the food, take the big order. Supriya says no need, what will they think. Sajeeri says Aaji and everyone won’t refuse, Shivam is very nice, he likes independent girls, take the order and send me the list. Sangeeta takes the order. Aaji is on call. She says Sajeeri has joined our family, but I can’t get myself insulted. Vikram says party will happen when Sajeeri goes back.

Sajeeri comes and takes their permission to go home and cook food for the order. Vikram says go and do anything you want, you already got us defamed. Aaji says you can’t go anywhere.

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Shivam sees Sajeeri at the roadside stall. He shouts Sajeeri and runs after her. He gets angry.

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