Bhagya Lakshmi 11th May 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 11th May 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Bhagya Lakshmi 11th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pallavi telling Ranbir that they shall not keep Khushi here, but shall take her away from there. Ranbir says I will prove that I am her father. Khushi says they will not agree and says until they don’t believe till then they will keep me away from you all. Pallavi says we will shift to farmhouse. Khushi tells them that the warden scolds her a lot and will not leave her, if they send her back. Ranbir promises her that he will not send her and will keep her always with him. She says orphanage authorities will know that you are not there in the morning, and tells that they will leave from here in the morning. Meera tells Satish that how dare that lady returned here and that Aaya Maa (whom Khushi called as warden), I will fire her. She asks the kids to sleep. The girl says Khushi is kidnapped by the ghost. Satish asks them to sleep else they will be beaten up. Akshay hears and asks if they threaten the kids here. Meera asks him to come to the office, and asks him if he is a father. Akshay says he is single. She tells him that she has a son and she scolds him and if needed then raises her hand on him to make him understand, likewise she is the mother of these orphan kids and handles them like a mother. She says I wish people could understand me like a mother. Satish tells sorry to Akshay as Khushi is not here. Meera comes to Prachi. Prachi complains to her about the Aaya Maa, calling her warden. Meera acts to be shocked hearing she had locked her in the dark room.

Satish says I have checked the CCTV footage and Khushi is not seen anywhere in the footage. Prachi says whoever has kidnapped her, he knows where the CCTV cameras are there. She tells Akshay that they need to go to PS. They leave.

Khushi comes to the dining table. Rhea asks her to come and says I am so sorry, I didn’t know what you like in food, so I made what Ranbir and …Khushi says you looks like Parvati and says I am missing her. Ranbir asks why, what has happened and asks why you are missing Parvati? Khushi says she is good. Ranbir says if I am not good and says she is just ok. Khushi says no, she is very good and had brought icecream for me. Ranbir asks if I don’t make you have icecream. He says I will make you have much icecream. He takes her out.

Dadi asks Shahana if Prachi called. Shahana says no. Dadi says Prachi might be busy with Khushi, that’s why she didn’t call us. She asks Shahana to call her. Shahana says she don’t want to disturb her. Dadi insists her to call. Shahana calls Prachi and asks where is she? Prachi says don’t know. She tells them that the warden had locked Khushi in dark room and since then Khushi is missing. Shahana and Dadi get worried. Prachi says we are going to the PS and says I will sue the orphanage. Dadi says we will come there. Prachi says Akshay is with her and asks them not to come. Shahana says we will come. They leave.

Prachi comes to the PS with Akshay and complain against the orphanage. Meera, Satish and Warden also come there. Meera says a girl is missing from our orphanage. The warden apologizes and tells that she had locked her in the dark room and she is very sorry about that. Prachi tells Inspector that Khushi is kidnapped and asks him to file the complaint. She then says she wants to sue the orphanage for their carelessness and bad behavior.

Dadi and Shahana are in the taxi. They are angry on the orphanage. Dadi prays to God to help them. Shahana tries to pacify her and wipes her tears, says they will search Khushi. Dadi says we will beat them and send them to jail. Khushi and Ranbir are in the car. Khushi tells Ranbir that the fish swims in the sea like this. Ranbir says it is dolphin. Khushi tells about the waves in the sea. Ranbir says you have made sea, dolphin etc. She asks him to sign his hands as wave in the sea. Ranbir says then who will drive the car. She asks him for icecream, and then asks him to slow down the car. Ranbir thinks she is like Prachi, and thinks she will snatch his peace and his band will be played. Khushi asks did you say something. Ranbir says you shall be good girl and shall not make boyfriend till you are 21 years old. Khushi asks what? Ranbir says first I will approve your friend, then they will become your friends. Khushi says I don’t need any friend, as you are my best friend. Ranbir thinks she is so small and I am thinking all this, and thinks he will be a strict dad, as he is the father of the lovely girl.

Prachi complains to the Constable that she had gone to the Orphanage and tells that they have refused to let her adopt Khushi as she is single. She says she can understand their rules, but they themselves can’t take care of her. Meera says what is our mistake if she is kidnapped, she was kidnapped from her mother’s house also. Prachi says Laali is not her mother, but I am her mother. Meera asks then why did you let us call her orphan that day. She says she treats all children of the orphanage as her children. Prachi asks Constable to file the complaint. Ranbir and Khushi get down from the car to have icecream.

Episode ends.

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