Kundali Bhagya 11th May 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 11th May 2023 Written Update by Sona

Kundali Bhagya 11th May 2023 Written Episode

Rajveer says karan has taught him the lessons of a business which he has learned, mentioning karan told him to use his brains and not become emotional since there is no place of emotion in business, Rajveer asks if Karan saw how he did not lose hope, and after seeing him win the auction then thought what would make someone feel good at heart so he offered them a partnership, he explains the teachings of Karan were of no use to him. Karan turns to leave without shaking hands however Rishab shakes his hand advising Rajveer to keep up the good work, Rajveer explains that Mr karan is waiting when Rishab leaves mentioning that he is not like this but a great person, Rajveer thinks now he feels he can stand up to Karan.

Mr Mehta comes to congratulate Rajveer for doing such a nice job and even Shilpi says he did a very nice job, Rajveer is really glad.

Sandy is talking on the phone when Shaurya angrily comes out, Sandy asks if the aunt of Rajveer is still alive and he did not kill her, Shaurya angrily sits in the car leaving Sandy who is very worried, a lady starts cursing them for being such poor drivers, she even asks Sandy who agrees with her. Daljeet also comes asking Sudha what has happened, Sudha says she does not understand how can people drive like this, Daljeet asks about Sudheer when Sudha informs he had to leave for some work so she came here, and they both tend to arrange meetings to get people married. Daljeet informs Sudha that tomorrow is the engagement of Palki, Sandy hearing her name recalls how Shaurya informed that he hates Rajveer and Palki, Sudha offers Daljeet her help when Daljeet says that they have to just do some decorations but she does not pronounce it correctly so Sudha corrects her, Shaurya arrives once again when Sandy sits in it asking why did he leave him, Shaurya replies that he was in no mood to talk with anyone so left, Sandy informs this is the house of Palki and points to Daljeet explaining she is her mom, Shaurya turns to look at her. Sandy asks if he harmed the aunt of Rajveer, Shaurya replies he instead saved her, Sandy explains Shaurya is getting some feeling for her, he explains he cannot express it because every time he goes to harm her, he instead ruins his own heart. Shaurya mentions he cannot harm the aunt of Rajveer but they are going to attack on his second weakness meaning his girlfriend Palki. Shaurya starts driving off once again.

Preeta is sitting when Gurpreet enters the house asking if this beautiful scent is coming from their house, she asks Preeta what has she made who informs she had made kheer, Gurpreet explains that she really likes it and after eating it she immediately starts praising for making such delicious kheer. Preeta reveals she made it because Shaurya came to spend some time with her, and she apologized to him for the behavior of Rajveer. Preeta calls her Gurpreet Di, who asks the reason when Preeta says she herself said she feels Preeta is her younger sister so she is going to call her as her elder sister. Preeta mentions she does not know what happens to her that she has some sort of emotional connection with him like her own son, Gurpreet says she understood it when Preeta was scolding Rajveer yesterday. Preeta informs she feels she should not let him go and make him stay with her, Gurpreet asks what has happened to her, Preeta replies she has heard he belongs to a wealthy family so they tend to hand their children over to nannies so they do not have that personal touch so she feels like she should be the one to give it, Gurpreet is hearing her wen Preeta asks if someone asks her who does she loves more amongst Rajveer and Shaurya then whose name is she going to take, Gurpreet seeing the condition of Preeta mentions she will obviously take the name of Rajveer, Preeta replies she will even get the thought of Shaurya because Rajveer is an independent person who can take care of himself but Shaurya needs some attention and care, Gurpreet explains that he is like the Rawan which is why he tried to harm palki that day in the jewelry store, had Rajveer not been with her then she would be in jail. Preeta wonders what has happened to her because she is the one who only has Rajveer but why would she compare him to Shaurya.

Rishab and Karan are walking when karan questions Rishab why was he so impressed with that boy, Rishab replies even karan was there and saw everything with his own eyes, because Rajveer is not experienced but even then managed to crack such a nice deal only because he worked with his heart, Karan informs Rishab the only reason he was so interested in this hotel was because he wanted to make a seven star hotel in front of it and desired to use this hotel as the entrance to it, he explains that now his dream would be ruined. Rishab informs it is nothing to be worried about as they are surely going to get a second chance and if he has won today then tomorrow they will win. Rishab is shocked to see Rajveer who comes to karan mentioning that he is sorry that their small hotel has ruined the entrance to his seven-star hotel. Karan informs he made a mistake by taking Rajveer and his Mehta very lightly as he has ruined him, Rajveer replies this is what he has come here to do, Rishab gets shocked hearing it. Rajveer leaves when Karan asks Rishab if he heard what Rajveer said today, Rishab gets a call from the office, so asks karan to come since the foreign investors have arrived to the office.

Shaurya is driving really fast when Sandy asks him to be a little calm since he wants to live and thinks if they keep driving like this then even he might die, Shaurya suddenly stops the car and gets off it, Sandy comes asking what has happened when Shaurya informs he feels he cannot hurt her in his life, he mentions the love which he has gotten from her he has never experienced in his entire life so he cannot harm her. Sandy sees palki so informs Shaurya, but he exclaims he does not have time for it.

Palki sees the child who steals some food from the vendors stall and rushes over to palki, she stops the vendor from punishing him explaining he is just a child. Shaurya going to them informs he has seen the child steal with his own eyes so he is wrong, he asks if law is only meant for him. Palki replies to the child only stole the food because his mother is ill and not for his own reasons, she gives the vendor the money which is owed to him and then he leaves. Palki asks Shaurya if he is happy and leaves while he is just standing staring at her.

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