Bhagya Lakshmi 13th February 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 13th February 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Bhagya Lakshmi 13th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Karishma telling Neelam that Lakshmi is a big panauti, and says God knows what is that time when inauspicious Lakshmi and her cheapo Chachi came in our lives. Neelam says one is inauspicious and other is cheap, and says she comes anytime and does drama. Dadi asks them not to talk bad and tells that Lakshmi is leaving from here, so why to say bad. She says we shall think good about her. Karishma asks what good have happened with us. Dadi says Rishi is with us because of Lakshmi and asks Neelam to say. Neelam asks if you are taunting me? Dadi says I am just saying and tells that Lakshmi is leaving as Rishi is getting her married and has called some matchmaker home. Leela comes there and says she is a matchmaker. Dadi asks her to come inside. Leela comes inside and sits. Dadi introduces Karishma and Neelam to the matchmaker, who just smile. Leela says hello to them. Sonia comes there. Leela asks if they are looking for match for her. Dadi says yes. Sonia says I will search myself, you are called for someone else, and asks her to do her job properly. Leela asks why you are getting rude and says your attitude will not work in your sasural. Sonia asks what you are saying? Neelam asks her to calm down.

Leela asks for whom the guy shall be seen, where is that girl? Dadi says she is my bahu Lakshmi. Leela asks you are searching guy for your bahu. Dadi says Rishi and her are divorced. Leela says she is your grandson’s wife, who is now divorced and you are getting her married done, right. Dadi says right. Leela asks if I misunderstood. Dadi says we want to get her married, she is like our daughter. Leela says it is very…Karishma says shocking. Leela says but in a good way. She says you want to get her married even after divorce, it means the girl must be really good.

She asks if she is so good, then why did the divorce happened? Karishma says actually. Dadi says it is our badluck and tells that the person is not bad, but bad time makes her/his life bad. She says she is divorced, but that doesn’t mean that she is bad. Leela says I can say that she is really good, as the sasural is getting her remarried.

Balwinder comes to Kamli and holds her neck. He threatens her and asks if she thinks Lakshmi will save her. He says he is not afraid of anyone, and will hang her here, and will kill her bodyguard too. He says he will ruin her life and also Lakshmi’s life.

Lakshmi asks Shalu not to talk badly with chachi. Shalu says Chachi can do anything for money. Ayush comes there and says matchmaker came. lakshmi says it is good that she will go from here soon. She goes from there. Shalu says I always wanted something for Di with high intensity. Ayush says even he wants with strong intensity. Bani thinks why did Chachi go there, and says she doesn’t care for Di. Rano comes back home angrily. Bani asks why did you go there? Rano scolds her and asks her to bring water. Bani says I will bring. Rano asks her not to act. Bani says you are acting and not me and says why you act as if you care for us, but it is not true, you just care for money. She says I know everything, whatever happened between Balwinder and you.

Rishi comes there and thanks Leela for coming soon. She says it is my job. He asks shall I tell you about Lakshmi. She says whatever she heard is enough, and asks what kind of guy he likes. Karishma asks her to get her married at the earliest. Dadi asks her to listen to just Rishi. Leela thinks it seems Neelam and Karishma are against this marriage. Rishi asks shall I mail you or message you. Leela says anything, but tell me for now. Rishi checks in his mobile and says the guy shall be modern, but he shall have family and traditional values, shall respect women and girls and can do anything for their protection. He says he shall take Lakshmi to temple, club, restaurant, wherever she gets entertained. He says he shall take care of Lakshmi’s small happiness also, he shall be honest, loyal, respectful, cheerful and positive mindset. He says if he knows cooking then it will be cherry on the top. He says when the pandemic had come, all the women have to work for themselves, so in such situation, he shall help Lakshmi and don’t want attitude. He gets sad and says if she gets sad then he shall understand her, shall not ignore her pain, shall hear her heart voice before she says, and shall make her laugh, he shall cheer her up and bring smile on her face, as when Lakshmi smiles, nobody looks good than her. He thinks of their moments…Main phir bhi tumko chahunga.

Rishi says world becomes different, he shall think about Lakshmi’s happiness before his happiness, shall involve Lakshmi in his identity like Lakshmi used to do. He says one more thing, as it is important thing. He says Lakshmi is habitual to work all day and will be tired, and if she asks him to massage her feet, then he shall not refused? Sonia asks did you massage her feet? Rishi says if she had told then I would have done that. He asks Sonia, if you are tired and asks your husband then if he will not do this. Sonia says yes, may be. Rishi says that’s it, it is just half of what he wants. He tells Leela that he will tell her more qualities which is needed. Karishma asks how many are remaining. Rishi says this was just the start, many qualities are remaining. He continues to tell Leela about his qualities and says somewhat is remaining. Leela says it is difficult to get all the qualities in a guy, though she understood all. Rishi says whatever qualities I told you, Lakshmi has all these qualities, I need a guy who genuinely deserves her, else I will not get her married. Karishma says you think that Lakshmi has all these qualities, leave it, there can’t be any guy who has all these qualities. Ayush comes there and says one guy is there with all those qualities mentioned by Rishi bhai.

Rano scolds Bani for lecturing her and asks what do you know about Balwinder and my conversation. She asks her to tell. Bani says you tried to get di married to Balwinder before also so I thought. Rano laughs and says you thought. She scolds her and says I got rid of one sister, and 2 are sitting on my head. She says what sin, I have done that I got this.

Dadi asks Ayush if he thinks there is such guy. Dadi says your Nana ji is gone long back, how can such guy exist, says only he has all these qualities. Ayush says he knows that guy. Sonia says that guy doesn’t exist. Karishma says exactly. Leela says they are rare, but exist. Ayush says he has the photo.

He shows the photo to Dadi and says he is suitable for Lakshmi. Dadi says yes, he is fit for Lakshmi. Rishi asks him to show. Ayush shows the photo to Leela, but Malishka snatches it from his hand and sees the photo. She shouts at Ayush and tells Neelam that he is showing Rishi’s photo. Neelam asks you are joking in this serious matter. Karishma asks why you are mad for Lakshmi. Malishka asks what you want to say, that Lakshmi and Rishi shall be remarried again. Ayush says ofcourse. Everyone looks on stunned.

Episode ends.

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