Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd February 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd February 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd February 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Lakshmi and Virender are in the car. Lakshmi plays the song and says it is Mintos favorite song. Main Nikka sound plays….Suddenly a biker comes infront of the car and Virender manages to handle the car. He sees the tempo coming from the opposite direction and tries to put the brakes, and realizes it is failed. Rishi calls Virender. Lakshmi picks the call and puts it on speaker. Virender tells that the car brakes have failed and tells that they are fine now, but don’t know what will happen. Rishi gets worried. Neelam asks Rishi, what did he say and gives her swear to him. Rishi tells that the car brakes have failed, but dad will handle and nothing will happen to Lakshmi and him. Lakshmi opens the window and shouts for help. Malishka smiles. Neelam says how did the car brakes failed? Karishma says how suddenly? Rishi says I didn’t know. Malishka acts and asks him to go to Uncle. Dadi asks him to do something. Rishi says I will call Dad again.

Malishka thinks she shall go to Rishi and enquire when she will get the good news. Virender sees the traffic signal red and the cars stopped. Rishi calls Virender. Virender tells that the cars are stopped on the traffic signal. Rishi asks about the location and asks him to change the road. The traffic signal turns green and the car goes, and Virender also drives off. Rishi asks about the petrol in the car. Virender says there is so much. Rishi says if there was less petrol then car would have stopped. Dadi asks Malishka to get Neelam’s medicines.

Rano thinks if Lakshmi is pregnant then how she will handle her baby, as she is baby herself. She asks Baba ji to do something and tells that Lakshmi shall not be pregnant. Lakshmi asks Virender why nobody is helping us. Virender asks her to search for the big tree. Rishi asks what you will do? Virender says he will hit the car with the tree and says we have air bags and nothing will happen to us. Rishi asks him not to do this and take the car to the isolated place. He says I will come there and asks him to keep his GPS on. Lakshmi sees the big tree and tells Virender. Virender says he is going to hit the car with tree and asks her to sit straight. He prays to Bappa to save them.

Malishka comes back and asks where did Rishi go? Karishma says to save Virender. Dadi asks Neelam to have medicine. Neelam says she will not have medicine until he comes back. Malishka thinks now Rishi will save Lakshmi and Virender, and she hates him for this. Karishma says what happened in the night that the car brakes failed. She says who can fail the car brakes? Neelam says Malishka, she was in the parking last night. Malishka says you are doubting me. Rishi is in the car and says I will save Dad and Lakshmi. He calls Ayush and asks him to leave from office immediately. Virender is about to hit the tree, when two men come infront of the tree, and Virender turns the car and the car gets out of control. Rishi calls and asks if they are fine? Virender says no and asks him to check if there is some isolated place. Neelam asks Malishka what she was doing in the parking in the night. Malishka says I didn’t do anything. Neelam says Karishma, I saw Malishka coming from the parking. Malishka thinks what to do, I can’t be saved now. Neelam asks what you was doing there, I know. She says if something happens to Rishi’s dad then…She is about to faint. Karishma makes her have the medicine. Malishka thinks Neelam aunty came to know everything, I will not be saved now. Neelam looks at Malishka.

Rishi reaches the place and sees Virender’s car. He gets Ayush’s call and tells him that he is behind Dad’s car. Ayush says you are not alone, we will save Mama and Bhabhi. Rishi says I promise Dad, we will go home safely. Malishka tries to leave from there. Karishma stops her. Malishka thinks I think today is the last day of my life. Neelam feels weak. Dadi says nothing will happen to Virender and Lakshmi. Karishma says Rishi went there.

Precap: Virender tells Lakshmi that he will drive the car around until the petrol is over, but the car hits the stone and the car reaches the cliff, and Virender falls out and is about to fall in the cliff. Neelam slaps Malishka. Abhay comes there and tells nobody can trouble his daughter.

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