Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 3rd February 2024 Written Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 3rd February 2024 Written Update by Sona

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 3rd February 2024 Written Episode

Radha asks Mohan what is he doing, he replies he is removing all the things before Tulsi arrives, Radha asks if he is removing her things, Mohan replies from now on Tulsi would stay in this room hearing this Radha gets tensed, kadambari is smiling in the window while Radha is tensed. Mohan requests Radha to understand as he is not doing it and the doctor said that if Tulsi gets any stress then anything can happen. Radha says he has changed a lot in a single day and thinks that she is actually Tulsi, Mohan tries to inform of the doctor when Tulsi enters the room asking if Mohan is going anywhere but Mohan says the bag has his old clothes which he does not wear so what is the need for it, he asks Radha to leave with the bag as he does not wear these clothes so what is the need and even Tulsi needs some place to keep her clothes, Radha asks if he is asking her to leave the room, he requests her to try and understand the situation is like this, Mohan then places the bag of Radha on the suitcase assuring just as he gets the chance then would tell the truth to Tulsi, so she should bear for some time and he swears to talk with her, Radha gets emotional. Radha is forced to take the bag in her hand and leave the room while even Mohan is tensed, Radha while walking out remembers when Mohan welcomed her in this house with utmost respect as Radha Mohan Trivedi, and how she had formed a close relation with Mohan as her husband. Radha is not able to control her emotions when she is about to step out of the room but is called by Mohan, she starts weeping but has a smile on her face saying she knew that he would not do anything like this with her and throw her out of this room, she takes the name of Ba Kai Bihari jee before turning when Mohan comes to her holding the Murti of Ba Kai Bihari jee, Radha is smiling but he picks the Murti in his hand telling that Radha should even take Ba Kai Bihari jee with her, Tulsi comes from behind looking at them both, Radha is furiously looking at Mohan when after a while she picks the Murti of Ba Kai Bihari jee before leaving the room, Radha turns to look at Mohan when Tulsi slowly walks up to him, and then closes the door on the face of Radha who is still crying. Radha leaves.

Radha is walking when she hears someone clapping behind her, Kaveri says she heard that the stick of Bhagwan does not have any sound but when it hits then ruins everything, Kaveri says there was one day when Radha had ousted her daughter from the life of Mohan and now today the real wife of Mohan , Tulsi has returned to his life and so now the food of Radha has been finished in this house, she says that they should not irritate her but gets seeing Kadmabari telling she was just saying it, kadambari is also laughing informing Kaveri has every right to laugh as because of Radha, Kaveri lost her daughter and she lost her niece but now it is time for Radha to suffer, she will tremble under the insects when Mohan spends the night with his first wife, Kadambari asks how would Radha stop it when she had first blamed Damini for going after her husband and even calls her as the second women, Radha remembers the night as Kadmabari asks now who has become the second women, kaveri also asks who is the second women and what will Radha say that she is not the wife of Mohan and does not have any right, or is she doing an act. Kaveri exclaims Radha should not say that she loves Mohan a lot and she is the only one who has the right on him, kaveri keeps asking what has happened. Radha holding her Ba Kai Bihari jee places him on the table, Kaveri asks why is she looking like this so kadambari replies there is surely a mistake. Radha hugs Kaveri tightly which she cannot understand, Kaveri tells Kadmabari that Radha has lost her mind, Radha replies it is nothing of the sort but she has finally understood it all because if she was even Tulsi then she would have till fought for her love, she would have accepted the desire of Mohan but she is neither Tulsi nor does she see the happiness of her Mohan so she is glad for it all, kaveri asks what has she said but Radha replies that Kaveri herself made her realize that the women with Mohan is fake so why can she let him stay with her because the women has sided with lies while she must take the support of the truth, kaveri replies she did not tech this to Radha and she should know that the women is the real Tulsi, but Rahda would call he fake as she is snatching her husband but her Bhagwan knows she is surely Tulsi, kadambari asks Kaveri to stop saying they must go so they both leave.

Radha vows to not let anything happen as nothing should happen between Mohan jee and that fake Tulsi, Radha knocks on the door demanding that Mohan jee should open the door, she asks him to come outside with her but he asks what happened when Radha refuses to listen to Mohan, she says either he will come outside with her or send that women and not spend a time with her. Mohan asks if she would listen to him but then Tulsi calls Mohan from the back, Mohan immediately asks Radha how is Gungun hearing which Tulsi runs to Gungun so Mohan pulls Radha outside of the room,

Mohan tells he knows how Radha would be feeling with the sudden truth of the return of Tulsi, Radha replies that it is just for some time, Radha replies she cannot let him be with another women as he is still her husband so how can she let him spend the night with someone else, Mohan asks what is she saying and who told her this, Radha replies his mother. Tulsi come from behind asking Mohan what is going on because Gungun is fine, Mohan tells Tulsi that Radha cares a lot for Gungun and was telling him that she has a cold, Tulsi goes to Radha thanking her for taking so much care for her daughter and she hugs Radha mentioning she has heard that flowers have come in the house and there is surely going to be Suhagraat, Tulsi backs away from Rahda telling Mohan she has to give him some surprise after which she leaves.

Mohan walking with Tulsi asks what is the surprise, she shows him the bed with the rose petals with which it is all decorated, Mohan says this means Radha was telling the truth, and he thinks Maa should not have done this, Tulsi asks Mohan how did he like her surprise, she keeps asking him when he says he will come right now and leaves while Tulsi keeps calling him, she is furious thinking Mohan has surely gone to Radha which means that the string is very strong so they have to break it otherwise Mohan would surely return to her.

Mohan asks Kadmabari why is she doing it all, she asks what has she done, he replies they are preparing for his Suhagraat, kadambari is not able to reply thinking she got trapped because he came to fight so what will she say to him, she is very worried.

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