Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd June 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd June 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Lakshmi telling Shalu that Rishi is not the same as he appears. Shalu says what about you, it is clear in your eyes that you love jiju. Lakshmi asks did I tell you that I felt bad seeing him dancing with Malishka. Shalu says the same words are used even in danger. Rishi comes to Lakshmi and asks if you felt jealous seeing Malishka and me. Lakshmi says you were dancing badly. Rishi says you don’t need to say anything, and tells that everything is crystal clear. Rohan and Paro come there to call them to see Ayush’s dance. Rohan falls down. Lakshmi gets concerned and worried, and asks if he is fine, and hugs him. Rohan says he is fine. Paro says she will not let anything happen to him. Rohan, Paro and Rishi goes. Lakshmi reminisces her son Rohan.

Kiran signs Anushka. Anushka comes to Kiran. Kiran tells her that Malishka and you came from other houses, and shall be a team. Anushka didn’t understand. Kiran tells Anushka tha Malishka and her bond shall be stronger which Lakshmi and Shalu have. Anushka asks what we have to do with them. She says I am not scared of Shalu and says if she would have married him then I wouldn’t have been here. Kiran lies that Malishka had suffered a lot and only she knows about it and doesn’t tell her about Malishka’s crimes, conspiracies and attempt to murders. She asks her not to trust innocent faces.

Shalu tells Lakshmi that they had come here for Rohan and Paro, but people are talking bad. Lakshmi says she is missing her Rohan and ays I couldn’t save him. Shalu asks her not to say this. Lakshmi says I miss him very much, he was very small, if he would have been alive then would be like this Rohan. Shalu says you are right and says if our Rohan would have alive then he would be like him. Lakshmi says Rohan doesn’t like to see me crying. She hugs Shalu. Karishma asks mukesh to give return gifts to children when they are leaving. She sees Lakshmi crying and wonders why she is crying. Avinash comes to Dadi and says he has a feeling that the family is completed, as Lakshmi and Shalu came. Dadi asks him to talk in low tone. He asks her to make Karishma understand. Dadi says I should have made her understand, but now her age to understand is gone, and says she was the only daughter so was pampered a lot. Karishma hears them and says I did and thought good about the family. Dadi tells Avinash that everyone in this house have this problem. Karishma asks Anushka to call Neelam.

Ayush, Malishka and Rishi are dancing with Rohan and Paro. Rohan takes lakshmi to dance. Paro makes Shalu join them. Anushka sees Shalu joining them and comes to dance with Ayush. Shalu excuses herself. Malishka feels left out as Lakshmi and Rishi have a dance with kids. Karishma comes to Aanchal.

Aanchal tells Karishma that jodis are mismatched, and they have to correct it. Karishma says yes. Lakshmi and Rishi look at each other. Malishka goes angrily from thee. Kiran goes behind her. Malishka says she don’t want to hear any lecture. Kiran says we get ruined due to anger and asks her to see herself. She asks her not to get angry, but solve the problem and throw her out before Lakshmi becomes big problem for you. Malishka thanks her.

She says you are right, I shall focus on throwing Lakshmi out of the house, and reminds that last time when Virender was hurt, Rishi had thrown Lakshmi out and says if Neelam gets hurt then he will throw Lakshmi and Paro for forever. Kiran says but how this will happen. Malishka says I will show you.

Dadi hopes Lakshmi come to her room. Lakshmi comes there. Dadi says I called you for 7 years and says now you are infront of me. Rishi is looking at them. Dadi tells Lakshmi that she has something to give to Paro, and gives her kuldevi mannat band, and tells that she took this for Rishi and your daughter. She says Paro is not Rishi’s daughter, but she is yours. She says this rudraksh bracelet will protect Paro. Rishi is looking at them. Dadi says they don’t have blood relation, but heart relation with Paro. Lakshmi says you are real good, Dadi. Dadi says nobody can’t be like you. She ties it in her pallu. Lakshmi sees Rishi looking at them. Dadi asks Lakshmi to come. Lakshmi, Dadi and Rishi go. Dadi tells Lakshmi that Rohan and Neelam cut the cake together, as she loves Rohan like she used to love Rishi. She asks them to come and stumbles. They hold Dadi, and feel the spark when their hands touch each other. Rishi asks did you feel? Lakshmi goes without answering.

Precap: Malishka tells Kiran that the glass wall is standing on the wheel and she puts the doll under it. Paro takes the doll out and the glass wall falls on Neelam. Malishka records it in her mobile to trap Paro.

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