Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 3rd June 2024 Written Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 3rd June 2024 Written Update by Sona

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 3rd June 2024 Written Episode

Gungun starts looking around for the mask, seeing which Yug gets a bit worried so then as Gungun is about to kneel and lift the cloth from the desk, Yug calls her from behind due to which she puts the cloth back down, Yug walks over to her asking what is she looking for, she is not able to reply when he says that he knows she along with her father have a habit of looking into the matters of other people but today is the birthday of his son so she should leave after eating the cake, she must put the over smartness in her pocket. Yug asks her to not act like elders as she is still a child, Gungun goes to Manan when the children mention they are getting late and want to go back home, Radhika tells Yug that the cake did not come, he replies it is common sense as no one in Delhi can deliver it before three or four hours as they are also ordering it from the same place. Mohan reaches to the party holding the cake in his hands, seeing which they all are stunned. Mohan asks Pari jee to take the cake inside when she walks to him, she even invites Mohan. Manan tells Radhika that uncle M even brought the cake so she should let him come inside, Radhika smile wile looking at Manan before walking to Mohan, she praises him for the cake and even invites him into her house along with the cake. Pari jee leaves when Mohan says how can he refuse when she is forcing him, he says he said she will herself invite him so he came to the party, Sargam goes to wish Manan Happy Birthday and they both hug each other.

Yug along with everyone else is wishing Manan while he is standing in front of the cake, Radhika gives him the knife but he once again remembers the knife of the person in the black hoodie, Radhika asks Manan to take it but he just quiet, Mohan calls Manan asking why is he scared as today is his birthday while the cake should be afraid, and he must cut the cake as quickly as possible, Manan with a smile picks the knife in his hands to cut the cake, they all start cheering for him again. Manan then gives the cake to Radhika first who also makes him eat it, then Manan goes to Yug who also kneels however he then walks to Mohan first seeing which Gungun starts smiling. Manan first gives the cake to Mohan seeing which even Radhika gets a bit worried, Mohan slowly eats it from his hands seeing which Gungun and everyone else start clapping, Yug manages to control his frustration, Mohan is hugging Manan tightly, Gungun interferes saying there should be a special photo on this day, she asks if Yug would take their photo, Yug says he can even take her so can he do it, Gungun gets a bit worried, Yug takes the phone from her hands saying it was just a joke so asks her to go and pose with Manan, Yug starts clicking the photos when Manan even pulls his mother while holding her hand tightly, seeing this Yug gets worried which Radhika notices. Gungun thinks of a plan so she even pulls her father, Yug gets even more angry seeing it and then even Radhika is nervous, she tries to leave but Manan keeps pulling her so she walks to stand by the side of Mohan.Radhika and Mohan both start looking at each other, Yug thinks the entire family is together and then asks them all to smile while he takes their photos calling them as beautiful. Yug exclaims Gungun is making him take the photo of his own family, so he vows if he does not place a Haar on her photo then his name is not Yug Kholi, they all get stunned hearing the sound due to which Manan covers his ears, Radhika asks why is he scared when his mother is by his side, Yug starts smiling. Mohan tells Manan that these are just balloons and they are meant to be blown, so it is not something to be scared of as humans make it and blow them, he would have blown a balloon then asks if he would do it, Mohan picks two of them asking Manan to blow it, he stops then Manan says it will just create a sound, Manan after covering his eyes prepares to blow it but stops, Mohan says it is nothing to be worried about but he should not be tensed as he has something just like magic, and if Manan has it then he would not be afraid of anything. Mohan asks if Manan wants the magic then asks him to wait saying he will come back right now, Sargam says her uncle is himself a magician and fixes everything without any effort, Pari agrees with Sargam saying he is indeed a magician, Yug also thinks about what is Mohan going to do then he thinks Manan is in such a condition that even the Bhagwan Mohan cannot fix him.

Ketki wonders what is Mohan bhai doing there and asks why is Meera becoming a devi when Radha was not with Mohan bhai in the past seven years, Ketki says Meera has given seven years to Mohan bhai, kadambari thinks Meera has just given seven years but she has given forty years to take over this house and only Radha knows the real truth about her, she manages to oust Radha the last time but if Mohan brings Radha back again then she will surely reveal the truth about her, Mohan runs when ketki asks what is he doing, he leaves saying he is holding the birthday gift.

Mohan entering the party says he is not able to see the birthday boy then mentions he hid under the gift, Manan asks what is it when Mohan opens it in front of everyone, Radhika is shocked looking at it and then realizes this is the Bhagwat Geeta that she had given to Mohan jee, who tells Manan this is the Bhagwat Geeta, Gungun holds the hand of Radha who gets emotional, she explains whatever has happened was for good and what would happen will also be for the good, he suggests Manan should give himself to Ba Kai Bihari jee who is the biggest support and those who live with his support, Radhika completes it saying those who know his support donot worry about anything. Mohan mentions in short if they start believing in Bhagwat Geeta then would never have any fear, Manan asks Uncle M that it is very difficult and how would he read it, Mohan says he should ask his mother to read it to him before he sleeps, he should not just listen but understand it and once Manan is able to make it part of his life then will never have any problem nor be scared. Mohan says Manan is very lucky, since he is getting Bhagwat Geeta in such a young age and he did not ask about his age,Manan says he is six years old, so Mohan turns to look at Radhika who replies that he has heard if they start learning Bhagwat Geeta at six years old then it tends to become their life, Radha remembers how Mohan jee gave her the Bhagwat Geeta at is years old, Manan says he felt that only his mother knew about it but how does Uncle M also know, Radhika says she is the one who taught him, Yug gets worried asking what did she mean by it, radhika is worried.

Precap: Radha says to Mohan you want to sell the house, he will help you to find the right buyer. The least I can do to help you as a neighbour.
Yug destroys his mask and walks away. Gungun stops the fire from letting it ruin the mask and says now I’ll bring out the truth in front of everyone.

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