Bigg Boss 12 26th December 2018 Written Update

Bigg Boss 12 26th December 2018 Written Update by Atiba

Bigg Boss 12 26th December 2018 Written Episode

Day 101
Inmates wake up to song Salam nameste, they all dance and enjoy. Sree kisses his family mug.

Bigg Boss says hotel task is starting again and Romil is guest here. Romil asks Deepak to clean bathroom. He asks Surbhi to make him watermelon juice. Gauhar Khan enters house, she hugs KV, she greets everyone. KV says Sree will be her body guard. Romil talks to Gauhar. Gauhar says you became lazy in between, be focused. Romil nods. Deepak says I have cleaned. She asks Deepak to make her tea. Romil asks Sree to get clean shaved and do makeup, he says I quit. Romil says you wont dance in saree? He says no.
Gauhar asks KV why he is not talking? KV says I do. Gauhar says you have to make everyone write your good qualities on your chest, take off your shirt. KV does

and says my heart is for you. Gauhar says Teejay will beat you. Gauhar asks Deepak to make nice tea.
Gauhar says to Surbhi that you have played nicely, keep the balance.
Dipika writes efficient on Kv’s shoulder. Romil asks Dipika to shout that she quit. Dipika says then I will be out of task. Surbhi says as referee that you can say it but you wont be out of task. Sree says she will quit in her dreams. Surbhi says let me handle. Sree says Dipika you do your task, it doesnt mean that you really quit. Dipika says Surbhi is taking my responsibility, if I am out of task then its my foolishness but I am trusting her, I quit, I quit, I quit. Sree kicks gate angrily, he says this is stupid task.

Gauhar comes to Sree that I like your bond with Dipika, its just 3 days left, ask her to put her nikah dupatta and Shoaib’s photos in store room, she doesnt have to destroy it. Sree says I quit. Gauhar says give her chance, Sree says she will do it but I dont want that. Gauhar says to Dipika that Sree quit. Sree says I am done. Dipika comes and asks what she asked? Sree says no, I dont want to play.
Romil asks Deepak to get waxed. Gauhar asks KV to give all stolen items to her.
KV comes to Sree and asks why he is upset? Sree says nothing. Sree says I quit. Gauhar says he has said once. Romil says he is saying quit to me too. Sree says Romil you are a loser, I told it before so I am done. Romil asks Surbhi to make him listen. Surbhi asks Romil to leave. KV asks Romil to not instigate. Gauhar says to Romil that if he is not doing the task then leave him. Sree says God bless you. Gauhar says to Sree that I cleared with him, Sree says I am out of the game. Surbhi says this is not the way, Sree says you are fake. Gauhar says I wont behave with guests like this. Sree says wow such nice girl.

Gauhar asks Kv to bring all stolen stuff, I want coffee. Gauhar says to Dipika that I wanted to give you chance through Sree but he didnt do it. Dipika says I would like to do it, Gauhar says it wont serve purpose.

Dipika gets emotional and says he just quit because he didnt want to put me in this position. Gauhar hugs her and says you are strong. BB asks Gauhar to tell who is her star, Sree quit and Romil’s orders were not fulfilled. Gauhar says all are nice here, Surbhi really worked hard. Surbhi says in video that I am an entertainer and I always work hard. Gauhar appeals to vote for her. Gauhar says to inmates that give your efforts fully. She says to Sree that all the best, she leaves.

Sree comes to Dipika and you staying here? Dipika says take your time, you quit because of me, thats why I am crying. Sree says I didnt want to do it. Dipika says then I should have not taken your photos in nomination task.
Romil says to Deepak that I just asked Sree if he quit and he got angry, Deepak says you started misbehaving. Surbhi says if that person says things then why do you people keep going to him? I know you well. Romil says I dont support him when he is wrong. Surbhi says you never stop him when he is cursing me.

Deepak says to Sree that Romil was misbehaving with you.

Dipika is new guest. All inmates run around her.
Dipika asks KV to make Deepak like a girl. She asks Romil to shave half beard. Romil says I am thinking. Dipika says you said yes first.
KV makes Deepak wear a saree, Dipika says I like his spirit.
Celebrity Tara comes in house, she greets everyone. Tara says lets eat first, she asks Romil to make green tea, KV laughs.

Dipika asks Deepak to praise Colors Bahu.

Romil starts shaving his beard but Dipika stops him. Sree says KV can show his body, all laugh.

Deepak sings yeh raat. KV takes off his shirt and seductively dances. He dances with Tara. Deepak then sings for Tara, Simar and Colors. All clap for him.
Tara asks Deepak to sing a song for her character serial killer.

BB asks Tara whom ill give star to? Tara gives it to Deepak. She makes a video with him to appeal for votes.

Surbhi is the last guest. She asks inmates to laugh, she asks to make Sree laugh too. KV makes Sree laugh. Surbhi asks Romil to become hen. Romil makes noises.

Guest Jasmin comes in house. She hugs Sree and greets everyone. She asks for water. Surbhi asks Deepak to put aba dabba at every sentence.

Jasmin asks Dipika to make tea for her and asks Deepak to sing in pool for her in hot shorts. He wears shorts and jumps in pool. He sings Yeh Raat ho naa ho.. lag jaa gale. Jasmin claps. Surbhi asks KV to propose Jasmin with passion. KV sits on knees and says you are heart beats, I want you to love me. Jasmin says your wife is watching, he says thats why I kissed hand only, all laugh. Jasmin asks KV to dress Romil like a girl.

Romil asks KV to dress him up like he wants. KV says its my task. Jasmin asks them to not fight. KV dresses Romil like a bahu.
Surbhi asks Dipika to give three points saying what makes her better than Sree. Sree says I have quit task so you cant take my name, you are referee so you should know the rules. Surbhi says I am the guest, she asks Dipika to ask him to stop talking like that. Sree says she is a fake girl.

Jasmin is getting massage from KV and asks Dipika to dance.

Deepak sings while Dipika does kathak dance. Deepak sings piya ghar aye. Jasimin says beautiful. She says you guys are playing and fighting and its good.

BB asks Jasmin whom you want to give star too? She gives it to Deepak as she loves his singing. Deepak and Jasmin appeals for votes for Deepak. Deepak thanks her.

Surbhi hugs Dipika and says you performed well, I was just doing my task. Dipika says no, you show yourself like that, Surbhi says it was a normal question. Dipika says your cunning side is not gone, you just hide it, Surbhi says I just asked you to tell why you are better, it was for you only, Dipika says you wanted me to put Sree down but he is my brother, Sree says I was not in task so why take my name? Surbhi says it was not difficult, Sree says you are fake. Surbhi says if this is your originality then its worst, you talk to celebrities like that? Sree says fake.. fake.. fake. KV asks her to calm down. Surbhi says I didnt ask for something bad, Sree says I was out of task. KV says let him do it. BB tells inmates that Hotel BB has ended.

PRECAP- Gautam, Priyank and Kamya Punjabi enters house and they bring a chance for inmates to win back prize money. They are challengers and inmates have to win prize money against them. Inmates fight against them. Kamya says they are aggressive. There will be a surprise mid-week eviction too.

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