Bigg Boss 13 7th December 2019 Written Update

Bigg Boss 13 7th December 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Bigg Boss 13 7th December 2019 Written Episode

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman welcomes everyone to the show. He says a lot happened this week and they don’t think about it. I want to see if they mean what they say.
He connects the call to the house. Salman says I hope I can control myself. Salman says I was in a bad mood today because of this house, it’s a pain to be here because of the things you do. You all know the format and rules and I am just a host. I am here to advise but you don’t listen so I will do my job. He asks Rashami to say what she wants. Rashami says I have a problem with aggression in the house. Salman says they don’t listen to me. I have a problem with body shaming too. They comment on lips, height, age, status and wealth. Who have made you learn all that? Rashami says I didn’t go personal, I just got angry because of my finger, they all are passing personal comments, I was joking with the doll but Mahira opened my baggage and even threatened me that if I sleep then I won’t be safe, I was just entertaining. Salman says keep saying. Rashami says I was angry this week, they were targeting me, I am always silent but I can’t be anymore. Salman asks Arhaan if Rashami was shown in bad light before? Arhaan says no. Arhaan says Rashami was joking with a doll but Mahira took her things. Rashami says during the task Sana aggressively took the doll. Salman says you were aggressive in the train task too, what about the doll? Rashami says she called me a mother so I made a doll in fun. Salman asks Mahira why you felt bad about the doll? Mahira says she started commenting on the lips with that doll, it was fun at first and I hide the lips but then she took my extensions and then she started calling me a thief and that I am cheap when I took her things. Rashami says she opened my bag and called me a cheap mom and all that. Rashami says she even broke my lips container. Rashami says she calling me a cheap and low-class woman. Salman asks Rashami where did she take the extensions from? Rashami says it was lying in the luggage area. Salman says my car is outside so come and take it. Rashami says I was just joking but she started passing cheap comments. Mahira says she can do anything and it’s a joke but if we do anything then it’s offensive? Salman asks Rashami that you made a doll Mahi and said that you took her from the road and she was found in the gutter and then she died in a pool… that was all fun? Rashami says Mahira was passing comments too. Salman asks Sana why did she make Shefali’s lips? Sana says they call me Rakhi aunty and I got angry and made the lips. Salman asks Bhau to speak. Bhau says she acts like a baby but then she was shouting yesterday, all sleep in the house and she is so disrespectful and then I called her Rakhi aunty, I can take it for a certain length, I give them respect. She can cry today but she is wrong. Bhau says this Sid does not respect any girl. Sid says right and you don’t pass comments on the girls? Salman asks Bhau if you like Sana or not? Bhau says I take her as my daughter but they don’t like respect. Vishal says Sid’s way of talking is not good. Salman says I have seen it and I have advised him a lot of the times but he doesn’t listen so I don’t even want to talk to him, I don’t want to waste my time. Vishal says we can’t ignore him, he only understands violence. Salman says why people talk to him if you don’t like his way? Bhau says he keeps poking. Salman says I don’t want to talk about Sid as I have tried a lot and I am not wasting any more time. Salman huffs and asks Sana if they come to Sid when they know that he shouts and gets violent. Sana says Asim goes near his face so close that anyone can slap him. Rashami says Sana lies a lot. Mahira says Vishal has to enter every fight. Salman says we have seen that. Vishal says I was talking to Mahira as a friend, I told her that she doesn’t good look like that. Sana says Sid is aggressive but they made him hyper, they go personal with him. Bhau doesn’t care they target Sid. Salman asks Bhau who is Rakhi aunty? Bhau says it was a joke but they said it was Rakhi Sawant. Rashami says Sana is lying, I like her but she starts fighting for no reason, they get physical so much that you have to leave the task. I heard Sid tell Vishal that if physical violence was allowed in this house then he would beat Vishal and make him work. I don’t expect this from Sid. Salman says wow. Sid says Vishal was saying that he won’t work at any cost. Vishal says it was not like that. Salman says to Vishal to leave it.
Arhaan says to Salman that we do tasks with so much hard work and get injured too. Salman says who said to show the power and get injured? You people want to show who has more power, who can hurt women and who can injured others more. Is this the way you play the game outside? Is this a game? He shouts that you play sports like this? We had to take 6 x-rays in a day with 2 fractures. People play MMA fights and even they don’t get injured like this. Rashami’s finger, Paras’ finger, Mahira’s finger and Arti’s finger is injured too. Paras has to get surgery. Sid is taking a typhoid injection to do the task, Asim is taking pain killers. We have warned you so many times to not do this. Paras did messy things in the task and the task was rejected. In the second task, only two people had to play and you all showed aggression. If you want to then beat others and go out of the house. I come here and tell you that this is wrong or right and then you people make fun of it. Nobody is listening and then you become normal on Sundays. Salman tells Rashami that this is the least of your problems here. Salman says to Arhaan that you like to talk about the outside things right? The talk you had with Paras. Tell us who is in your family? Arhaan says I have already talked about a girl claiming that she has an affair with me. Salman says who is in your family? Arhaan says mom, dad, sister, brother. Salman says who else? He takes off his jacket and says I have known Rashami for the longest time that’s why I am doing this. Arhaan tells Rashami that we had a discussion about that relationship, it was personal. Rashami says you said that it’s nothing like that. Rashami says I talked to him before, he talked about his marriage. Salman says and his child? Rashami says, child? He never spoke about the child. She asks Arhaan if he has a child? Arhaan says I talked to you about this. Rashami says no, you never told me about the child. Sid looks at Mahira and nods while smirking. Arhaan says these things finished. Salman says it’s not about marriage or the kid but you should have told Rashami. What are you doing Arhaan? Arhaan says you have listened to the one side of the story, Sir. Salman tells Rashami that I have done this in your interest. Rashami thanks him and folds her hands in front of him. Salman asks Arhaan to clarify this with her. Rashami says I got to know about his marriage from someone else and he didn’t tell me about the child. Arhaan says that the relationship was not completed. You didn’t hear my side of the story. Salman says you have to tell the person about your past. Arhaan says that was a bad past and I didn’t want to bring it up. Arti says you are asking her to marry you, I am talking for my friend now. Rashami asks Arti to not do it. Rashami says to Arhaan that I told you everything. Arhaan says we will talk later. Salman says sort this out and it was going on in my mind, I have known Rashami for the longest time so it was my duty to tell her. I might know one side of the story, tell her about the loans and all that. Arhaan says what loans? Salman says I am hearing this. Arhaan says nobody is coming forward, I know from where this is coming. Salman says I am just telling you what is going on outside as you talk about outside. This is for your betterment. Arhaan says I will talk to her. Salman sighs and says I hate doing this. He ends the call.

In the house:
Asim tells Arhaan to at least tell her that you have a child. Arti says you lied to her. Sana says let them talk. Arti says she is my friend. This is wrong. Arhaan says this is our matter. All leave. Rashami says you didn’t tell me about your child? Arhaan says I have never hidden anything from you. Rashami says you know that I am divorced and I never had a kid, I have spoken to you about my relationships. Arhaan says you know about these loans and all that. They are saying rubbish. Rashami says then clear it with me. What about marriage and a child? Arhaan says you have known me for one year, have you seen me talking to anyone or going out with anyone. Rashami says what about the baby? Arhaan says it was a long time ago, I don’t stay and everything was finished. Rashami says but you have a child? Arhaan says I know it’s not a small thing but I don’t stay with them. Rashami says why did you never tell me before? What about the loans? Arhaan says which loans? Rashami cries and says give me some time.
Shefali Zari says I am shocked that he has a kid and didn’t tell her. Arti says I am angry for her. Salman is angry because he knows Rashami and her struggle. Shefali says let them sort out. Give them space. Himanshi says if Salman has said it then it should be sorted out here.
Rashami tells Arhaan that you are responsible to tell me all this when we fell in this. Arhaan says let this episode end and we will clear things. Rashami says I don’t know if I am staying, you can play. Arhaan says I won’t stay either, I don’t want to play. Rashami is in tears.

Salman connects the call to the house again. Salman says I didn’t want to bring it up but Arhaan has proposed Rashami on TV so I have brought it up. I am shocked as I thought Rashami would know all this. Salman says you all might have girlfriends and then found another one, you might have lied about your ex but then you accept it and move. Because Arhaan has proposed her on TV then I had to bring it up, you could have told her what happened in your life, make her meet the kid and move on. Nobody is going to bring it up in the house. I did this for Rashami, I thought she would know all this. This is stupid. This had to happen here only? What to do now? Rashami cries. Salman says if I was Colors then you know what I would do? I thought this would be the happiest season ever, big celebrities have come in the house, they would do the tasks with harmony and the deserving person would win. All are respected people but they are destroying it here. People, that know me to know you as well, you think I like to do all this? Do you know what I would do? I would open the doors today. Rashami what do you want? You want Sana to be out? Rashami says her gurus are with her. Salman asks Sana to pack her bags. Salman says Sid pushed Asim so Sid packs your bags. Rashami says I will leave. Salman says you got hurt when Sana pulled the doll from you, it was not a part of the task so by this logic, Asim injured Arti when it was not a task. Then Arhaan has to leave too because, in the bucket task, Asim got injured because of you. Sana says that Shefali Zari slapped her so pack your bags. Salman says to Rashami that I agree with your logic that people can get hurt in the task but outside the task, nobody should hurt anyone. Vishal lifted Devo during the wake-up song and twirled her which injured so Vishal is out too. Himanshi pushed Sana without any provocation. Rashami pushed Sana back when she pulled the doll. Salman says Bhau pushed Paras so he has to leave too. Arti is playing solo so she is safe. Mahira, Shefali Bagga, Madhu are safe too. All others can leave Open the door Bigg Boss. They open the door. Salman says thank you for everything, this is not TV, I don’t want to be a part of the TV like this. Salman says the gate is open, pack your bags and go back home. He ends the call.

On the stage:
Salman says we have our top 4. I really want them to leave the house. End this show. We can bring other inmates.

In the house:
Shefali Zari tells Sana that I never slapped you. I don’t do that.

Salman says we have opened the door, let’s see if they will leave or not. Rani comes on stage and says you promised me something. Clip of season 11 plays in which Rani said that she wants Salman’s children. Salman says it’s been 2 years. Salman says my baby needs more time, it’s cooking. Rani says I know we are getting Salman’s baby. You are so beautiful from heart and face. Rani says my film is coming and I am a cop like you are in Dabang. Salman says we have to fight with the environment we have in the country. Rani says I want to say that women have to fight, men should respect women around them. A true man is a person who respects woman. Rani and Salman play a game. Rani says Salman made me learn curses in life. Rani asks whom he wanted to slap? Salman says I don’t endorse violence at all. Rani says Salman is worst at keeping secrets. Salman promotes her movie. Rani leaves.

On the stage:
Salman says the gates are open, let’s see what they will do.

Inmates come in the garden. Gate is open. Arhaan asks Rashami to not do it. Bagga tells Sid that you get angry when someone comes to you. You pass comments so people get angry with you. Bagga says say sorry to him. Sana says Salman sorry. Arti says Salman is ashamed of us, I have never touched anyone. Salman watches them and says no one is going out. Sana says say sorry and end this. Shefali Zari says I didn’t slap Sana. Bagga asks Rashami to listen to Salman. Mahira says they all can leave, I am not going in top 4 without Paras. Rashami is near the gate. Arhaan says we can talk this out.

Salman says I will talk to them with respect, we don’t show you what curses they are saying.

PRECAP- Salman enters the house and hugs Rashami. Salman tells Arhaan that you told her half thing, it’s your past so you shouldn’t be ashamed of it. Arhaan says I did the mistake. Rashami cries and says a man did so much for me, everything was right but then why did he hide this? Salman hugs her and consoles her.
Sonakshi, Prabhu and Salman dance on Munna badnaam.
Bhau tells Sid that he is not the king of the house. Sana tells Bhau to not call her aunty anymore.

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