Bigg Boss 17 10th November 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17 10th November 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Bigg Boss 17 10th November 2023 Written Episode

Day 26

7:30 PM

Anurag tells Mannara that Munawar’s game is just bootlicking others. Mannara says how does he get that much patience? Tehelka says he is still pacifying Ankita. Mannara says that needs guts, people are eliminating him and he is going behind them, he has too much patience. Tehelka says he is a dog. Anurag says he has no honor.

Khanzaadi consoles Navid and says its okay. Abhishek says I am also angry and need a hug. Khanzaadi glares at him and leaves. He goes behind her. He teases her. She says you want to fight again? He says you were fighting too. She says it was my task.

Anurag tells Mannara that Munawar’s game is just being nice to everyone but he is not loyal to anyone. Tehelka says he will start his game after 2 weeks and won’t be loyal to even Khanzaadi.

Khanzaadi tells Abhishek that he went against her. He says you danced to Munawar over me. She says we all know what happened. Abhishek says you are hurt by Isha’s topic? She says I am not bringing her up. She cleans his face.

8 PM

Khanzaadi asks Munawar if she was dancing by looking at him? He says Isha said it. Abhishek hears that. Khanzaadi says even if I saw you while dancing so what? Munawar says your heart is with Abhishek only.

Sana tells Anurag that Navid shouldn’t be hurt because of me. Anurag says he is a kid so leave him.

Neil tells Isha that be careful about Ankita and Vicky.

Mannara hugs Munawar. Abhishek teases them. Mannara says our track ended so don’t talk to me. Abhishek says your track is with someone else. Mannara says your track is just pacifying one person, wake up. He laughs.

8:45 PM

Navid tells Sana that he was hurt by her. She says it was not personal, why did you create a scene? He says because you hurt me, you said you support me and then you eliminate me. Sana says I felt that was right. Navid says I trusted you so I was hurt. She apologizes to him.

9:15 PM

Tehelka tells Anurag that heart house will break more now. Arun says Abhishek’s body is useless, he can take him on with one hand. He can just shout. Abhishek comes there so Arun asks him to show his packs. He shows his packs and abs.

10:45 PM

Vicky is talking Ankita and Sana. Tehelka says thank you for your gayaan, we needed your lecture. Ankita leaves.

Aishwarya tells Neil to keep distance from Vicky now. He says its okay. She says let me talk. Neil says don’t misbehave with me.

Sana tells Vicky that he was like her brother but he hurt her. Vicky says I was always on your side, I even went against Ankita for you. Ankita calls Vicky and he leaves.

11:30 PM

Abhishek tells Anurag that I even taunt Khanzaadi in tasks. Its because when I was in relationship with Isha, I used to be angry at her. When our relationship ended, I had a lot of money but couldn’t find peace. I was crazy and used to go to find girls (callgirls) to hug them and sleep. Anurag says I will stand by you if Isha tries to manipulate you. Abhishek says Isha does same things with Samarth, they show PDA to hurt me but they are angry that I don’t care.

Samarth tells Anurag that Abhishek is trying to be cool with me but he still makes faces when Isha and I are together. If I kiss Isha then he makes weird faces.

Day 27

8 AM

The inmates wake up to BB anthem. They all dance to it.

11:30 AM

Vicky tells Navid that when I nominated Sana, I didn’t try to pacify her but now she is trying to be nice to you. Sana says you are just provoking him. Vicky says I am just talking to him. Sana says you felt bad that I am pacifying him and not you? She tells Navid to not listen to him. Vicky says I am telling the truth. Ankita hears all that. Khanzaadi starts arguing with Abhishek as he says she shouldn’t interfere. Khanzaadi says I know you want footage. He says I don’t need it from you. She asks him to get lost. Abhishek says you did everything for footage, you always had an issue with me, you have a fake personality. Don’t use me. Khanzaadi says you cried and came to me, don’t say I used you. You said you moved on from Isha but you were crying in a corner for her. Get lost.

12 PM

Anurag tells Isha that Khanzaadi and Abhishek is doing scripted things. Khanzaadi says don’t say that. She leaves. Anurag says they fight and then patch up. Rinku says these things happen in attraction. What is scripted in that? nothing.

Khanzaadi comes to the kitchen. Abhishek says you keep taunting me.

Isha tells Rinku that Khanzaadi said she is not comfortable with Abhishek but then keeps going to him. Anurag says I agree.

Munawar is talking to Ankita. He says you are dominating. She says people call me cunning, Mannara thinks that and that I am fake too. Mannara hears that and ignore her.

12:30 PM

Isha tells Mannara that Anurag told Khanzaadi that he thinks she is faking it with Abhishek. She is fooling Abhishek. Mannara says he is innocent deep down. Ankita comes there and tells Isha to not listen to Mannara, she can go against any girl, don’t trust her for anything. Mannara says she is misbehaving with me. Ankita tells her to get lost, I don’t want to talk to you. You can’t hear the truth. You are so dumb. Mannara says your game was dumb. Ankita says what’s your problem? you are crazy. You call people toxic and so many names. Mannara says you are saying useless things. Ankita says you call me cunning but you are a liar and insecure, I don’t want to talk to you. You say such bad words against people. Mannara says I didn’t even say anything to her. Ankita says she doesn’t even spare her family so don’t expect anything from her. She tells Mannara to not talk to her, I heard you saying that Khanzaadi is characterless, you keep saying those things against girls here. Who are you give character certificate to others? you are a liar. Mannara says I don’t make fake relationships. Ankita says you talk about others’ characters but what is your personality? you could have talked to me instead of calling me cunning, I don’t talk behind backs like you. If someone doesn’t stand with you then you say such bad words for them. Rinku tells Ankita that she said the right things, I am with you. Ankita says Mannara keeps swapping friends, I always supported her but she is misbehaving with me. She tells Munawar that she is not loyal to you also. I always supported her but she talks bad about me, she is brainless.

1 PM

Ankita tells Khanzaadi that Mannara called you characterless. She says what? She goes to her and asks if she called her characterless? Mannara says Ankita wants us to fight. Ankita says don’t lie, you said that about her. Mannara says I didn’t say it in that context. Khanzaadi says there is no context about that word. Isha says Mannara can’t use those words. Mannara says she also called me characterless. Khanzaadi says I never called you that, you are jealous of me, you are a liar and you are fake. You make good relationships so people don’t nominate you but if they do then you show your real face. You are so fake. Rinku says she is right. Ankita says she is a liar. Mannara tells her to hide behind her husband. Ankita says your game is open, you are dumb. Anurag tells Tehelka that Ankita blasted on Mannara.

Vicky tries to talk to Ankita and tells her to let it be. She says let me be. He says don’t tell me that.

1:15 PM

Anurag tells Sana that she shouldn’t let people make fun of her.

Vicky calls Tehelka and asks if he told Sana to blast on Vicky? Tehelka says Samarth told Sana to not tolerate cursing. Sana comes there so Vicky says queen of truth is here. Sana tells Navid to not listen to him. Vicky says she wants to fool him again that’s why taking him in a corner. Sana tells Navid to come and talk to her. Vicky says why are you taking him to a side? talk to him in front of us. Sana says don’t give him attention. Navid says I will come back later on .

ARun sits with Navid and Sana. Navid says Tehelka provoked you too. Sana says lets talk to him.

1:45 PM

Navid comes to Tehelka and Anurag. Vicky says I will translate for him. Ankita says I don’t know why he wants to fight with her. He can fight with Aishwarya but he wants to fight with Sana for no reason. Sana is trying to talk to Navid but Vicky keeps provoking him and says Sana is lying. Ankita tells Isha that Vicky shouldn’t be interfering in this. Munawar takes Vicky from there and says let them be. Sana says he just wants to make a scene.

2 PM

Mannara tells Munawar that this is not me. Abhishek says if Jigna nominated you then you went against her? your words are hurting people.

Ankita tells Isha that we can never trust Mannara.

3:30 PM

Tehelka tells Anurag that Samarth told everything to Vicky.

Mannara tells Aishwarya that I didn’t make faces at Ankita, she got angry that I talked to Munawar about her.

4 PM

Tehelka tells Samarth that he shares their house talks with other houses. Samarth says then you shouldn’t talk in front of me, get lost. Tehelka charges at him and says get lost.. don’t come near me. Samarth says what can you do? Arun tries to control Tehelka. Samarth says you can’t do anything, you are useless. Tehelka tells him to get lost. Isha tells Samarth to calm down, she takes him from there.

Aishwarya tells Navid that people are taking over your fight for no reason.

Samarth comes back to Arun and calls Tehelka an animal. Arun tells him to get lost. Tehelka shouts at him and says I won’t spare you. Isha tells Samarth to not raise his hand. Arun shouts at him and says I won’t spare you. Samarth says he is charging at me, Arun says come and attack me.. you pushed me first. Samarth tells him to get lost. You are a ****. Arun says you are cursing in front of girls. Abhishek tries to calm down Tehelka. Vicky takes Samarth from there.

5 PM

Mannara tells Anurag that Ankita is targeting her. I want to go back home., I am missing my family. Anurag hugs her and says its okay. Munawar comes there and asks what happened? Mannara says Ankita is very politically correct. She tells Munawar that she is fine so he leaves. Mannara tells Anurag that I want Ankita to win this show as she needs this validation. Munawar wanted power but he was shaken yesterday but then he got normal with her and Ankita is targeting me because of him. This platform is not for normal girls. This platform is for **** girls.

Sana tells Arun that Anurag keeps talking to Mannara and share our house topics with her too.

Mannara tells Munawar that Rinku is very manipulative, they are filling people’s ears against me. Anurag says Jigna is very manipulative, you have to see how smart she is. They are using Munawar against you too. He won’t take a stand for you.

6 PM

Abhishek tells Navid that I am a very possessive person so I don’t want to affect Khanzaadi. I am not good in relationships. I don’t want to hurt her but I want to be good friends with her but she keeps fighting with me. He asks if he knows girls that he can patch up with him? He says a lot. Abhishek says I am not that handsome. Navid says you are very handsome. Abhishek says why did Isha leave me then? Navid says maybe she isn’t made for you. You deserve someone better.

7:15 PM

Mannara tells Arun that Isha, Ankita and Khanzaadi are cornering me now. Arun says you don’t talk to us much but if you want then we are with you.

Munawar tells Abhishek that Ankita and Mannara shouldn’t have fought.

Arun tells Mannara that Anurag doesn’t play on the front foot. Mannara says I will fight with Ankita till the end of the season now.

8 PM

Rinku reads a task. They will recreate hairstyles and do ramp walk. Rinku and Jigna will judge and announce the winners.

Team A – Mannara and Sana

Team B – Khanzaadi and Ankita

Team C – Aishwarya and Isha

8:15 PM

All girls are getting ready. Ankita helps Khanzaadi. Aishwarya helps Isha. Mannara helps Sana. They all recreate hairstyles. Munawar takes their photos.

8:30 PM

Mannara and Sana walk the ramp together. They dance while all cheer for them. Next, Khanzaadi and Ankita walk on the ramp, all cheer for them. Lastly, Aishwarya and Isha walk the ramp. All cheer for them.

Jigna and Rinku discuss. They announce Ankita and Khanzaadi as winners. They give them a hamper.

10:15 PM

Munawar talks to Arun. Arun asks who knows about his family? He says Ankita and Jigna. Arun says Anurag talked about your divorce and your kid. Munawar says my matter is not a secret, I don’t care what he says. Arun says just be careful who talks about your family. He thanks them and leaves. Arun tells Tehelka that Anurag is backbiting about everyone, he is a dog.

12 AM

Munawar tells Mannara that you are okay now. She says you are part of a group. He says I am not. Mannara says if you don’t want to clarify then leave it. Munawar says how am I a part of the group? Mannara says I just want to go home, I feel harrassed. Munawar says that’s stupid. Mannara says I had nothing against Ankita but she started attacking me, she insulted me like a village woman.. like a cunning woman.

Sana tells Khanzaadi that Mannara has an issue with everyone.

Mannara tells Munawar that you were okay with Ankita even when she said all that to me. Abhishek comes there so Mannara says I am leaving. Abhishek says you don’t show me attitude, he angrily leaves. Mannara says everyone has an issue with me. My head is blasting, I want to celebrate diwali with my family. Munawar says you can’t leave. Mannara cries and tells Munawar that she wants to go home.. she can’t stay here. Munawar says you said things about Khanzaadi so Ankita used that. Mannara says I just want to go home. Munawar says were you living in a bubble? world is like this only. I shared my personal life with you so you should know who you are sharing things with.

Munawar tells Mannara that she can’t be crying and saying she wants to go home as her fans would be disappointed, you are sounding like a loser. Don’t talk about leaving. Mannara says I am 50% okay now. Munawar says you have to live with these people so don’t get affected by them, play solo and be serious to win the show. I am not going to play in a group but there is a time for everything.

2:30 AM

Munawar tells Mannara that she has eaten his mind. Maybe I will start crying and saying that I want to go home. Mannara says if you have to choose one inmate then who ? he says not you jokingly. He says I can spend a day talking to you.

Salman mimics Aishwarya disrespecting Neil, you have tested his patience so much, what you do with Neil is not okay, your relationship is going to be toxic and its a formula for disaster. Salman tells Mannara that you have issues and a lot of those so I can sit down and listen to you. Later on, Katrina Kaif come to promote her film.

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