Brahmarakshas 2 28th February 2021 Written Update

Brahmarakshas 2 28th February 2021 Written Update by H Hasan

Brahmarakshas 2 28th February 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Yug coming to Chandini and calls her Viper. He says nice to meet you. She says nice to meet you, but who are you. He says you are a Viper. Robin says she is my bhabs, everyone knows. Yug asks constable to arrest her. Angad comes infront of Chandini and tells that she is his fiancé and not a Viper. He asks him to go and catch the goons from the temple now. He holds Chandini and walks away with her. Chandini thinks if this is her dream and thinks her life shall be spent like this. Gurumaa tells Iravat that she had asked the girl’s parents to separate them and they did. She says their nakshastras are very strong and when they meet, then it will be end of brahmarakshas. Iravat says you are nothing less than an Aaya. He whispers some mantras in her ears and asks her to bring food for him. She goes to bring food for him. In the car, Robin tells that there can be 7 people of the same face. Angad says kalindi is just one. Kalindi calls for help. Angad stops the car hearing her voice and gets down. She sees him and tries to shout, but can’t. Angad hears bullet sound. Robin tells him that hunters might be here and asks Angad to come with him. Yug comes to the pit and asks Kalindi to come out. Kalindi says she is not the thief. He says he knows and says you are brahmarakshas’ hunt. Kalindi says you are lying. He says I am telling truth, come up. Kalindi holds the rope to climb up.

Minty tells everyone about how her sister fought with the goons. She sees Ishaan and Sona looking at each other. She asks Ishaan to propose Sona. Ishaan proposes her. Chandini comes to Angad. Angad tells that she has to leave after Ishaan and Sona’s marriage. Chandini starts feeling love for him…Kalindi is in Yug’s house and recalls how he rescued her and asked her to stay in his house. Chandini thinks of Angad. Aada Ishq plays…..Yug makes Kalindi meet his family. He introduces Gurumaa as his sister and Iravat as his bua. Gurumaa says I have saved you that day on Yug’s sayings. Chandini thinks to become Kalindi for Angad. She wakes him up and asks him to come down. He comes out and sees Chandini preparing for Ishaan and Sona’s engagement function. Angad tells that he will do everything. Robin tells him that Bhabs has given him the list of guest list. Angad asks how did she know about our guests. He comes to Ishaan and Sona and sees them practicing dance on the song, selected by Chandini. He comes to Pari who tells that Kalindi has made all the arrangements as if she is Kalindi. Angad thinks she can’t be Kalindi. Chandini calls the tailor and asks him to get everyone’s measurement. She says she will take Angad’s measurement…and tells that if he has problem with her arrangements then she will get Ishaan and Sona marry in the temple. She takes his measurement while Aada Ishq plays….

Gurumaa comes to Kalindi and calls her name. Kalindi asks how did you know my name is Kalindi. Iravat controls Guru maa and makes her say a fake story to Kalindi. She feeds her food with her hand. Yug comes to Kalindi and asks do you drink normal water or cold water. Kalindi says don’t know. Yug gives her water and asks did you like the food, I made it.

Chandini tastes the food brought by the caterers’ waiters. Angad tells them that she had kept navratri fast and was hungry. The waiter asks her to taste sweets. Chandini gives order for 50 guest. Damini gives money to Chandini and asks her to bring something for Ishaan and Sona for their marriage. Angad takes the money and tells that he will buy it. Gurumaa is ironing yug’s shirt when she gets electric shock and comes out of the magic spell. She hears yug and Iravat talking about separating the sisters and taking them very far. Yug says he will impress Kalindi, so that she marries him and he becomes immortal. He says he is going to get human flesh. Iravat asks Gurumaa to get Pan for him. Gurumaa thinks she will get in the magical spell again, but before that, she has to make kalindi run away from here.

Angad sees Chandini looking at the gold jewellery while shopping. He buys jewellery for Sona. Chandini selects dress for Sona and makes her get ready with ornaments etc.

Meanwhile a tempo is shown, some goons are taking the captive girls outside the border, when the tempo is stopped. A girl Pakhi gets down from the tempo and becomes prey to brahmarakshas. Other girls get down to see her, and finds her missing. Yug comes there, when the girls complains to him Pakhi missing. Yug asks Police officers to take the girl to safe place and thinks he had fun eating Pakhi.

Yug’s police constables look at Pari and gets happy. Shalini and Prithvi make the garland. Pari informs them about Police officers keeping eye on their house. Prithvi comes out as panwala and asks the constable why they are keeping eye on the house. They identify him and scold for fooling him. Just then they see Minty and Chandini going out. One of the Policemen follows them. Prithvi thinks they are keeping eye on Kalindi. He says I will return my home and says he got tired to become pan wala. He drops some money and asks Constable to take it. constables takes it. Prithvi asks why they are taking eye on their house. Constable says the girl is a viper. Prithvi thinks Kalindi is a Viper. Robin sees the news that brahmarakshas’s terror is increasing. He gets worried and calls Minty. Minty comes back home and tells that Kalindi di has gone to have chaat. Robin tells her that it is not safe outside and asks Angad to come with him, as they will go and search her. Angad says I know where brahmarakshas can be and asks him to stay at home. He says he will go alone.

Precap: Kalindi runs away from there and comes to the jungle. Brahmarakshas comes there and roars…Kalindi shouts calling Angad. Angad runs in the jungle.

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