Byah Hamari Bahu Ka 20th November 2012 Written Update

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Byah Hamari Bahu Ka 20th November 2012 Written Update by ash_arti

Byah Hamari Bahu Ka 20th November 2012 Written Episode

Rajni suggests we all can stay together thereby no one will be away from one another.Yashoda says this is best idea and all agree. Krish says he wants his parents and tulja too and asks her to think of this idea. Tulja in deep thoughts but finally leaves when yashoda stops and tells rajni that whatever she did is wrong. Rajni tells tulja that she did everything to set right the things and asks sorry and for any punishment. Tullja seems moved but unable to decide and goes off.

krish in his room tells rajni that her suggestion is best and will try to convince his aai. Satya comes and thanks rajni for helping him and saving him as he gave police complaint. Satya says tulja never looked at him as a son rajni says tulja likes him a lot but doesnt show.Krish wonders if aai will agree to stay back. Rajni says we should wait as aai too is a morher and cant live without her kids.

All wait for dinner while yashoda brings tulja to dining table. Tulja says she will eat in her room yashoda says she is a guest and should eat with all while rajni serves food.Tulja looks on as yashoda feeds satya and showers love on him.Satya looks at tulja and says today first time his mom made him eat food. Surbi namita also feed him food while yadhoda makes krish also to eat saying he will be here only for few days.
Yashoda asks tulja to feed food to satya when he says tulja never showed any love affection towards him.Rajni asks why he is telling like this becoz aai likes him a lot satya says aai loves only money tulja gets upset and leaves.

Tulja in her room in deep thought recalling what all happened.Her alter ego appears and questions her as to why she has become soft and quite.The ego tells her that all these people are trying to brainwash her so that she stays back and krish too but what will she do here among all these educated people she will not get any respect and should leave with krish immefiately.

Precap Satya asks tulja why she never loved him while tulja says she has lots of affection for him deep in her heart.

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