Chal… Sheh Aur Maat 24th September 2012 Written Update

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Chal… Sheh Aur Maat 24th September 2012 Written Update by swethasyam08

Ginny warning Ija n Mai that she n SA will expose about them near Kabir. both gets scared. SA praises Ginny n tells her the plan to be implemented. In the night, SA wakes up Ginny who takes 2 shoes in her hands n starts making foot marks with it from window towards inside as if some one has entered inside.

But they see mami doing sleep walk n SA ask her to turn so that she will go in that direction. Mama comes out n see mami coming in the same direction n he takes he in. Ginny finally finishes the task n goes to sleep. She prays to God to help them in this mission.

Next morning, Ginny acts as if she is scared, she closes her eyes, n later says thief. and directs them to the window. All wonders who can enter inside n Kabir insturcts them to check their things. Mai says its Ginny n SA’s plan n nothing happened. She goes to spell words on the rudraksh she has brought for Ija.

All members come n say that nothing has been stolen. Mai shouts n informs that rudraksh is stolen. Ginny tries to trap her in her own words. Ija scares n says he want that rudraksh chain at any cost n ask Ginny if she say the face of the thief but she says no. Mai controls Ija n leaves from there.

Ranveer suspects Puru n decides to meet him to night who was hidden in the warehouse. SA thinks its the right chance to make Kabir believe Ginny’s words.

Precap: Kabir n Ginny reach the warehouse where Puru was hidden n sees Puru n Ranveer talking n was shocked n fuming in anger.

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