Chal… Sheh Aur Maat 3rd October 2012 Written Update

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Chal… Sheh Aur Maat 3rd October 2012 Written Update swethasyam08

Mai’s black magic makes Ginny go away from home without any senses. SA fails to stop her, Rani goes to search Ginny as Gattu says he saw her going out of mansion.

SA couldn’t go into Mai’s room so she instigates Ija that Mai is doing some black magic which makes her powers strong n by early morning Ija will become mad. Ija says she won’t let Mai to succeed in this. She goes to Mai’s room where Mai asks her to go away but Ija destroys the thing Mai was doing. It gives reverse effect on Mai herself who says the spirits are attacking her now n finally Mai goes unconscious.

Rani saves Ginny who was abt to go in-front of car. She brings her home n SA asks Ginny to say abt Mai everything. All family members go to Mai’s room n finds her alive but not conscious at all. SA reveals the truth to Kabir n he says that those who do bad will face the bad in the end.

Ija scared n almost gone into mad state. She was with a gun in hand n searching for SA to kill her. She says she didn’t do anything n SA has parted her with her mom.

Kabir asks mama to call Dr. n he explains his further plan to Mami n Rani. Here SA goes on confronting Ija but she doesn’t accept her fault n was shooting SA but there aren’t any bullets in it. SA asks her to accept what she did n what ever is happening in their home, its all coz of Ija. But Ija keeps on saying only one word that she didn’t do anything wrong.

SA asks Ija to comeout of the room but she puts the lights off n sits in one corner n decides not to move from there till morning n SA couldn’t do anything. Some one knocks the Door n Ija thinks its SA who is doing so but Ranveer calls her n she goes out but no one was there. She goes to the longue n finds the same knife with which she killed Aditi. She picks it up n says the same n there Ginny was recording the video n rest all watching her.

Precap: Ija holds Kabir n says she is scaring me. Rani in the same joker dress in which Aditi was on Ginny’s b’day. Kabir asks what is she scaring abt?? Ija says she will kill her in the same way as she (Ija) killed Aditi. Kabir n all were shocked n Ija comes to senses of what she said.

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