Chandragupta Maurya 23rd August 2019 Written Update

Chandragupta Maurya 23rd August 2019 Written Update by MA

Chandragupta Maurya 23rd August 2019 Written Episode

Chandragupta addresses Magadh citizens that they all know they lost their brave king Malayketu, he doesn’t want them to shed tears for Malayketu but take inspiration from him. They lost many brave warriors like Baldev, Indrajalik, Dhoomketu, Mura, Mansa, Tarini, Malayketu, etc.. He felt as if his body organ was amputated when he lost each of his brave warrior. He wants them all to support him in his dharm yuddha/war against cruel Dhananand. An old man says they haven’t lived even a day with pride, how will they bear the pressure of respect. He continues his long encouraging speech and requests them to support him by leaving a feather outside their house in the morning.

Next morning, Chandragupta eagerly waits for support. Durdhara asks if they get huge citizen support,

how will they arrange weapons for them. Chandragupta says he knows she is trying to boost his morale. She says hope will lead them to success. Sthul returns and informs that they didn’t get support from even a single family, how will they win war without army. Chandragupta says war is won by self-confidence and not just only army.
Dhananand with his army waits for Chandragupta’s army in battlefield. Amartya says they should start celebrations as he doesn’t think Chandragupta’s miniscule army will withstand their huge army. Dhananand says knowledge is bigger than weapons, he is sure Chanakya will plan something else. He orders his army to attack. Chandragupta and his team throw bombs on his army. Dhanannd says enough now and attacks Chandragupta’s army on elephant. Chanakya says he has to do something before elephant kills whole army. He rushes to his base camp and informs Durdhara about elephant attack on army. Durdhara asks how will they kill elephant now. Chanakya says they just have to panic elephant. He returns with Magadh citizens and throws stones on elephant, reminiscing citizens reaching to him and asking if they came late. They then throw bees on elephant which throws Dhanananad on ground unable to bear bee stings. Chandragupta’s army captures Amartya. He walks to Dhananand and says he killed his parents and many of his dear ones, but he will give him a fair chance to save his crown. Dhananand attacks him, but Chandragupta easily overpowers him and pins him down to earth.

Chanakya Niti: When storm attacks jungle, a small bird does not leave its nest as it trusts its own feathers and flying skills, similarly if they are confident of their skills, enemy cannot harm them.

Precap: Durdhara pleads Chandragupta to spare Dhananand.
Chandragupta says if he spares Dhananand, Chanakya’s hard work will go waste.

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