Chandrakanta 2nd June 2018 Written Update

Chandrakanta 2nd June 2018 Written Update by H_Hasan

Chandrakanta 2nd June 2018 Written Episode

Chandrakantha with Bhadramaa and Gehna follow Iravathi and her rakshas bodyguards. Iravathi senses them. Chandrakantha creates protective invisible barrier among them. Iravathi turns and uses magic to find who is following her, but finds no one. Gehna comments as usual and sees black blood Chandrakantha says it is Pataal rakshasi Madrika’s blood and is medicine for Iravathi and poison for her enemies. Gehna asks how will they find Iravathi’s soul. Chandrakantha tells her plan of disguises as Lobika. Gehna says path is very tough, how will Chandrakantha walk on it. She pricks hair pin in Chandrakantha’s neck and make her unconscious. Bhadrmaa praises her and says Chandrakantha would have gone very weak if she had become Lobika, so she will become Lobika and Gehna will become Madrika,

once she consumes Lobika’s blood, she will die slowly, Gehna has to be alive to serve Chandrakantha for long. They both hide Chandrakantha with flowers and keep food near her. Bhadramaa creates a bird and sends near raskasis. One of them eats it. Other fights what about her hunger. Bhadrmaa creates a boy who comes in front eating fruit. Rakshi lures him with food and says other one that her food has come. Gehna emerges and disappears with boy. Bhadrmaa prepares herbal concoction and sharing it with Gehna asks to drink it soon. Gehna syas it is very hot, let us mix cold water. Bhadramaa turns. Gehna exchanges her glass and becomes Lobika. Bhadramaa asks how did she become Lobika instead of Madrika. Gehna reminisces exhaling glasses and says even she has to sacrifice for Chandrakantha and she will see if Vishnuji will save her.
Umang prays Vishnuji and imagines Rathnaprabha hiding magical knife in Vishnu temple and thinks Vishnuji will have to help him now. Bhadramaa as Madrika goes to Lobika and kills her. She and Gehna wake Iravathi. Iravathi scolds what are they doing here. Lobika says she came to feed her blood and cutting her hand gives her blood. Iravathi then takes them to a mountain and orders mountain queen to give her crown. Queen resists and attacks her. She counter attacks and says she will give Mudrika for her who can do anything for her, even will get whole world for her. Queen says she does not need anything and attacks again. Chandrakantha on the other side wakes up when scorpion tries to bite her and thinks about Iravathi and reaches spot. Iravathi attacks queen and crown falls down. She is about to pick it when Chandrakantha enters and stops her. Queen picks crown. Iravathi asks to give crown to her as she needs it. Chandrakantha asks not to give it to Iravathi and destroy it and reminds how Iravathi killed her mother. Iravathi says she will make queen immortal and give whatever she wants. Chandrakantha reminds again how Iravathi killed queen’s mother. Queen walks to Irvathi and in lieu of giving crown attacks Iravathi and gives crown to Chandrakantha. Iravathi says she can destroy 1 part of soul, but she will have 6 more Gehna takes crown and says she will destroy it and let her do something good as she did sin all her life. She breaks crown and falls down with poison effect. Chandrakantha says Iravathi’s one part of soul is destroyed. Iravathi says she has 6 more and will kill Chandrakantha and her team. Chandrakantha says she does not mind, if she dies, her child will fight and kill her and if not, her next generation will. Queen says Iravathi cannot return again to mountain again and leaves.

Chandrakantha and Bhadramaa rush Gehna to Vishnu temple. Veer asks what happened to her why she is blue. Chandrakantha visualizes whole incident. Umang says they lost Gehna. Chandrakantha says Vishnuji will help Gehna. Gehna wake sup and says they won. They all chant Vande Vishnu. Iravathi returns to Hirnasur injured. He prepars herb and seeing a mark on Iravathi’s hand thinks w hat is this. Chandrakantha with her team prays Vishnuji. Mark on Iravathi’s hang glows. Vishnuji’s lamp blows off. Veer falls ill and writhes in pain. Same mark emerges on Veer’s hand. Tej gets herbal medicine for Veer. Bhadrmaa asks Veer how did he get this injury. Veer says while praying in temple, he got this mark. Tej says when Chandrakantha went out, he and Veer were practicing black magic and Veer got injured. Chandrakantha says black magic is very dangerous. Bhadramaa also scolds they should not fall for black magic, if they gain something, they have to lose also. Veer tells Chandrakantha he is fine. Chandrakantha says Iravathi was acting weird, why. Iravathi relives rakshashi and says she will kill them both. Veer sees everything sitting on bed and feels uneasy. Chandrakantha gets worried for him. Veer thinks why he is seeing maa.

Precap: Veer wakes up from sleep calling maa. Chandrakantha realizes Iravathi’s one part of soul is in Veer also, so they both are connected.

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