Prithvi Vallabh 2nd June 2018 Written Update

Prithvi Vallabh 2nd June 2018 Written Update by H Hasan

Prithvi Vallabh 2nd June 2018 Written Episode

Servant comes to Mahmood and says he has brought what he had said. He asks him to see. Mahmood lifts the cloth and sees Ismail’s mannequin head. He opens the box and keeps Ismail’s fake head, and says Ismail is the reason for the injustice which is happening to him and is the reason for his sadness. Servant sees many heads inside and gets shocked. Mahmood signs him to go.

Prithvi wears the coat. Mrinal comes and says you have taken responsibility of everyone, but can’t wear the coat properly. Prithvi says I have been waiting for this day and tells that you are there to handle him. Mrinal tells poetic lines. Prithvi says I knew my love will make you become poet. She says your eyes are clever and tell only which they want to. Prithvi asks until when we will hide. She says until this war

is over. Prithvi asks her to let him see her and assures his eyes. He tries to get closer. Mrinal moves back. He comes near her. She hugs him. Prithvi tells Mrinal that Pant shrest Hemraj will show the way to golden bird. Mrinal says war started. Prithvi says we are together.
Ghajini tells Ismail and Mahmood that they will keep tent there and will wait till bridge is made. He asks Mahmood to search the secret way to the palace. Mahmood says why shall we wait to waste time and says we have much soldiers and shall attack them. Ghajini says no and tells that our soldiers are many, but this place is new for them. We can’t return from here defeated. Mahmood says I will not be defeated. Ghajini asks them to stop the nonsense and asks him to patch up with Ismail. He shouts asking them to keep tent.

Tailap makes plan with Vikramjeet and tells that he will attack them in night that they don’t get time to save themselves. Vikramjeet smiles.

Ghajini talks to his aide, who tells him that he has done a mistake by not dividing the Sultanant into two and gives equal to Ismail and Mahmood. He says Gajkesari is coming here with his huge soldiers team. Ghajini says she will think. Mrinal comes to Prithvi. King tells that if she will fight with them. Prithvi says she is more competent than you, and says she is not any Rajya’s maharani, but then also came here to fight with them. He asks them to return or accept mrinal as senapati. Mrinal sits there. Guru Aditya comes to Mrinal’s tent. Mrinal asks him how come he is here and asks about manyakheta. Guru ji says it is fine and tells that he came to help. Mrinal asks why did you think that I am not competent? Guru Aditya says I just want to support you and came her as you are alone, and Sulochana is not here. Mrinal asks about Tailap. Guru Aditya tells tt Tailap is fine and handling Manyakheta,. Tailap tells Vikramjeet that they will attack in night and make Sindhu captive then kalari and others can’t do anything. Tailap says good.

Mahmood asks soldiers to mix poison in the water. Ismail says what we will drink then. Mahmood says I take solution with me. Ismail says he is announced as next king.

Prithvi’s soldier tells that a man fell down near their tent. He asks him to take care of him. Ismail comes and tells that Mahmood is getting dead animal thrown in water. Ghajini says you will understand later. Ismail gets angry. Prithvi comes to meet Jagpal and asks about him. Jagpal tells him about Ghajini and says he wants our treasure. Prithvi listens and asks him to rest. Ghajini’s man warns him about Mahmood and Ismail’s enmity.

Prithvi tells Mrinal and others about whatever Jagpal said and says we will attack in the morning. Mrinal says we shall attack in the night. Prithvi says it is not right. Mrinal says we can’t make fox hear the bhajan. Guru Aditya says Mrinal is right and tells that they shall have the same thinking.

Prithvi rubs Mrinal’s hand as she feels cold. Ghajini asks Mahmood not to become a rebel. Mahmood says if I don’t get my rights then I will snatch it.

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