Channa Mereya 10th November 2022 Written Update

Channa Mereya 10th November 2022 Written Update by Atiba

Channa Mereya 10th November 2022 Written Episode

Scene 1
Supreet comes to Ginni and says Soniya is Darji’s friend so please when she comes then act like a good family member, don’t show your ill-manners. Ginni says there will be no drama from my side, she leaves. Sharja says if they mess up anything then it won’t affect them but our reputation will go down, they don’t know that Soniya is our golden investor. Supreet says if Soniya finds out about the house division then it will be a problem. Sharja says we have to be careful.

All family members are preparing to welcome Soniya. Amber shows the profits to Adi and says Soniya’s suggestions have always brought us profit, she would want Darji to meet her today. Dimpy and Shampy are playing there so Amber shouts that we have to do this contract with Soniya. Sharja says we have to impress Soniya but some people want to mess up everything. Adi says I will handle everything. Armaan says what if Soniya doesn’t finalize the contract? Amber says she would want to meet Darji.

Soniya arrives at Amber’s house. Adi welcomes her. Soniya says Darji always had praises for you, I am sad to hear about his health. They all bring her inside. Supreet tells Sharja that Soniya is like a celebrity. Soniya enters the house and its all decorated. Ginni greets her and says I am Adi’s wife. Soniya hugs her and says Darji always had praises for you. She tells Adi that I got to know how Ginni united this family and you both love each other. Gulabo greets her and says I am Ginni’s mother. Soniya hugs her. Amber says we can sign the contract if you are okay? Soniya says I came here to talk to Adi and Ginni. She takes them from there. All look on. Sharja says I told everyone to not call Soniya at this time. She shouts at Gulabo for destroying everything. Amber says if we don’t get the contract then I won’t spare anyone. Gulabo says my daughter is honest unlike you. Gurleen asks them to stop fighting.

Soniya tells Adi and Ginni that Darji told me you both are strong. I know what I will say will make your lives difficult but I have to tell you all this. Adi says what is going on?

Adi and Ginni come back with Soniya. She says I will go and meet Darji. She goes from there. Amber asks Adi what did she say? Adi says you will find out soon. Ginni says now I know there is someone who is going to do justice. Adi asks her to stop it. They both leave from there. Supreet asks Amber why is Soniya not doing the contract?

Soniya is leaving Adi’s house. She says I am sad about Darji. Ginni greets her. Soniya blesses her. She tells Amber and the family to take care of Darji. Amber says we are doing the best for Darji. Soniya leaves from there. Adi asks her to stop pretending you. Ginni says I am not a liar like you, she leaves. Amber asks Adi what did she say? Adi says I will talk about it later on.

Adi calls someone and asks him to do as he said.

Ginni comes to the dhaba, she is working with Santo. Ginni starts leaving the dhaba but someone is following her. She turns out and someone takes her from there. Ginni pushes him away and starts beating him. It’s Adi. Ginni says why did you grab me like that? Adi hugs her. Armaan comes there and coughs. He says you both are together? Ginni tells Armaan that Soniya’s words made me realize that I want that kind of justice for papa. The flashback shows how Soniya gave Khushwant’s letter to Ginni, she told her that Khushwant trusted Darji more than his life. He got to know that Darji was cheating him because of Amber. I wanted to give this letter to you earlier but Darji wanted to talk to you. He is in coma now so I am giving this to you. She tells Adi that your mother was murdered, whoever killed her was about to be found. Darji got to know about the killer but he got in the coma. Ginni tells Adi that I am sure that same attacker wanted to kill Darji in the hospital but I got blamed for it. That’s why I came back to your house and divided Darji’s room between us, I have been keeping an eye on him. The flashback ends. Adi tells Ginni that you should have told me about the attacker. Ginni says I didn’t want to alert the attacker.

PRECAP – The doctor checks Darji and asks Adi to be careful about Darji. Amber asks if Darji is okay? Adi says Darji woke up and he said someone tried to kill him. All are shocked.

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