Channa Mereya 3rd November 2022 Written Update

Channa Mereya 3rd November 2022 Written Update by Atiba

Channa Mereya 3rd November 2022 Written Episode

Scene 1
Ginni tells Darji I am angry at you but I would never want you to become ill like this, you have to become fine as your grandson is worried for you. She leaves from there and cries for Darji. Someone enters Darji’s room and takes off his oxygen mask so he can’t breathe.

Gulabo is worried for Ginni and starts crying. She says where is she? We have a lot of work at the dhaba and she is missing, she calls her but she doesn’t pick up. Gulabo says if she went to Adi’s house then she shouldn’t come back here.

Ginni realizes she forgot her phone in Darji’s room. She comes back to his room and sees his mask off. He is struggling to breathe so Ginni shouts for a doctor. She finds his mask and tries putting it back. The family comes there and shouts at her. Sharja says what were you doing? Were you trying to kill Darji? The doctor comes there and asks them all to leave. Adi looks on.

Sharja shouts at Ginni and says you wanted to kill Darji? I saw you holding the oxygen mask. Ginni says I didn’t try to kill him. Amber says we all saw that. Supreet says you planned all this? you got us all attacked and then tried to kill Darji. Adi is worried for Darji and asks about him, the nurse says he is not responding to the treatment. Sharja says Darji is dying because of you. Ginni says I didn’t do anything. Adi comes to her and says you tried to separate Darji from me? How could try to attack him? Ginni says it’s not like that. Adi says you should leave. Ginni says I didn’t do anything. Adi says everything is over between us. Ginni is shocked. Amber says we should call the police. Supreet says she should just leave us all alone. they all leave from there. Adi is worried about Darji. Ginni cries and leaves from there. She sits in the lobby and prays for Darji. Adi cries for Darji. The doctor tries to revive Darji but he dies… suddenly he comes back to life. The doctor comes to Adi and says he is in coma. Adi says can we meet him? The doctor says not right now. All are glad that he is alive.

Gulabo talks to her husband’s photo and says your friend was your killer but Ginni is taking their side. I will fight with your enemies alone now. Goldie comes there and tries to take her blessings. Gulabo says you helped me today. Goldie says I did what I had to do as a son. Gulabo says I didn’t forget what you and your wife did with us but thank you. Goldie says I have left Sam, I will be with you now. Gulabo says if you decided that then it’s okay. Goldie says this is my family now. Gulabo says you have to do as I say. Goldie looks on.

The doctor tells Adi that he can shift Darji to his home. Ginni hears that and thinks I have to find out who tried to kill Darji.

PRECAP – Amber’s brother says I paid Darji’s bills from my personal accounts as our company account failed, a new partner is in the system, that is Ginni. We can’t do any transactions without her approval and Darji has made her a partner in everything. Adi and others are shocked.

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