Chashni 11th May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 11th May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Chashni 11th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Raunaq punishing Gautam. Sanjot scolds the servant and says you have done this, you tell me what happened, how dare you plot against the house bahu. She says you are just our servant, remember that, how dare you do this. The servant says I didn’t do anything intentionally, tell me, did Gautam say it. The servant says Roshni asked me to do this, I m really sorry. Sanjot gets angry and says I will see Roshni now, she can’t do this. Raunaq goes to his room and throws things. He gets angry and says you made a big mistake to get Chandni insulted this way, I know your intentions, you want to make Sumer close, you have crossed all limits, you have to pay a price, you have to face me before doing this again with Chandni. He goes to Chandni. He asks Nisha is Chandni fine. Nisha says she fell asleep, she was much upset. He thanks her for supporting Chandni. Nisha says I like her, she is very nice. She goes. Raunaq cares for Chandni. She wakes up and gets angry. She scolds him. She says you have insulted me and acted to support me, you punished me for the crime I didn’t do, you have no proof that your sister died because of me, you are a disgusting man, you have given me much pain, you snatched my sister, Roshni insults me because of you. He says no, listen to me once. She says no, this mangalsutra and sindoor aren’t a joke for me, it’s a husband’s duty to protect his wife, you torture me.

He says whatever happened today, I m not involved. She says I m not involved in your sister’s death, did you trust me, how can I trust you, you were not involved today, I will never forgive you. She throws her dupatta and says do anything you want, you torture me today and end this game, remember one thing, I will never leave this house, I have come here for my sister. He covers her with the dupatta and says sorry, I made a big mistake, I will never trouble you. She goes to sleep. He stays sad. Hamari adhuri kahani….plays…. Its morning, Raunaq wakes up with a back ache. Chandni sees him. He acts normal and asks what happened, I m just stretching my back. He asks for AC remote. She goes to him.

She gives the remote to him. She leaves. Gautam comes and apologizes to Chandni. Nani asks how did you get hurt. Gautam says I slipped in the bathroom. Raunaq comes. Everyone laughs seeing him. Nisha asks what’s this, new fashion. Raunaq says yes, its new fashion. Nani asks where is your pant. He says its not a big deal, I m a busy man and forgot to wear pants, we will have breakfast. Chandni says I will get it. He holds her.

Nani says Raunaq didn’t do this with you. Chandni apologizes to Raunaq. Raunaq says I can never forgive you.

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