Chashni 12th May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 12th May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Chashni 12th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Raunaq asking Chandni to get food. She goes. He thinks its good, she will feel comfortable now. Nani gets a message. She says what happened to Roshni, what did you become, Chandni is ready to give her life, what shall I do. She hears the maid talking to Roshni on call. The maid says sorry, I can’t support you, I feel bad to pull Chandni’s saree and insult her, you have done this with your sister, I won’t do any such thing again. Nani cries and says Chandni will get sad on knowing this. Nani goes to Chandni. Chandni asks the matter. Nani says I need to talk to you about the last night incident. Chandni says I know who did that, Raunaq did this. Nani says no, Roshni did this, I heard the maid Ishika talking to Raunaq, he didn’t want to see you sad so he has not told this to you. Chandni asks did he do this with me. She cries and hugs Nani. Ishika comes and apologizes to her. Chandni says its okay. She takes the Aloo paratha. Nisha says wow, we never had this before. Gautam says I will also have it, I like it a lot. He thinks I see Matarani in Chandni. Raunaq comes downstairs. Chandni smiles seeing him. Nisha and Nani sing and tease them. Raunaq eats the paratha. Nisha asks him to sit down and have the food. Chandni also asks him to sit. He says its okay. Nisha says Raunaq was in pain. Chandni asks are you hurt. Raunaq says no, I m fine.

Nani says Gautam was hurt, he fell in washroom. Raunaq says yes, he got to know what can happen. Gautam says I m done. Raunaq applies the ointment to his back. Chandni says sorry, I should have knocked and come, how did you get hurt. He says don’t ask anything.

She apologizes to him. She says I had a misunderstanding, I m sorry. He says you can trust me. They shake hands and call each other their enemy. She asks him to sit. He feels hurt. She says I will help you. She jokes and laughs. She applies the ointment to his back. He says if you tell anyone, then it won’t be good. She says everything is fair in love and war, how did you get hurt. He says you don’t need to know this.

Chandni goes to kitchen. Vimla says I have to make you taste something. She gives the pickles. Chandni likes it and asks for the recipe. Vimla says sure, I will be glad to do this. Chandni asks about Raunaq’s mum, why did she leave the house and when, I want to know how she handled the house. Vimla tells about Chitra and Sumer’s happy life. She says like time passed, they got distant, he was busy in work, she fell alone, she used to make tasty food everyday, I can’t believe that she suffered a heart attack at a young age. Chandni asks how did it happen. Vimla says she felt Sumer is cheating him, they had a love marriage, everything was good between them, how did they get separated, they had a big fight one day, this affected Raunaq, he used to sit crying. Chandni thinks Raunaq is lonely.

Chandni says I will find out who is after Roshni’s life. She scolds Vimla. Vimla says I want to save Roshni, I had sent the threatening notes.

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