Chashni 22nd May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 22nd May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Chashni 22nd May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Raunaq arguing with Sumer and defending Chandni. He says you got blind in Sanjot’s love, we will get proof and prove that Sanjot killed my mum. Sumer says I don’t want any fake evidences, I know my sister and respect her, she has helped me a lot in business, don’t try to talk to me, I have no relation with you, get out. Raunaq says truth never hides. Sumer shouts get out. Raunaq and Chandni leave. Sanjot asks didn’t Sumer accept your evidence, you had the proof, right.

She says I was in all my senses that day and saw everything. She calls Vimla and says she is my loyal servant. She tells how she made Vimla steal the evidence. Vimla says sorry, I can’t go against Sanjot, I can’t see my husband going to jail again. She cries and goes. Sanjot says you can’t end my influence on Sumer, his trust will not break on me so soon, I m the most imp to him. She warns them. Raunaq threatens Sanjot. He says I will stand as a shield for my dad, I swear on my mum, I m not going to leav you, I will take revenge, you can’t harm Roshni, you are finished.

Chandni says yes, he is right, you have enjoyed a lot by lying to Sumer, we will show the truth to him. Sanjot says wow, what a lovely speech. She jokes. Raunaq and Chandni have a talk. He unpacks her bag. She says I won’t go until I bring Sanjot’s truth out. He says we will make a game plan. She says I will stay here for Roshni’s sake. He says I know, we have to find proof, Sumer won’t trust us. She says you are my best friend, don’t feel bad, you got smart being with me.

Raunaq comes to meet Nisha and tries to cheer her. He says I know Sanjot wants to send you to hostel, you will stay here with us. She asks how do you know. He thinks I can’t tell you everything. He gifts her a camera and says we will make memories. Nisha says you are wrong, no one can stop Sanjot. Sanjot says Sumer, I have decided to send Nisha to hostel. Nani says we can teach her discipline at home, let her spend time with family. Sanjot says she is my daughter, I know what to do for her. Sumer says hostel life isn’t so bad, I don’t think her decision is wrong. He sees Raunaq and goes. Raunaq eats the sandwich. He taunts Sanjot. Sumer says I m very happy. Sanjot asks what is the matter. He says it’s a good news, Roshni is pregnant and I am going to be a dad again. Everyone smiles. Sanjot worries.

Nani comes to Raunaq and Chandni. She shows Nisha’s suicide note. They rush to save Nisha. Sanjot says Chandni, this happened because of you.

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