Dheere Dheere Se 2nd February 2023 Written Update

Dheere Dheere Se 2nd February 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Dheere Dheere Se 2nd February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Raghav and Bhawna looking at each other. Bhawna gives angry looks and goes. Raghav says if she had showed attitude to her brother in laws, then would have ruled in the sasural. Aanchal comes to room and tells Bhawna that sangeet practice will start in sometime. Bhawna says she has so much work. She then asks her about the boy who came to give her notes. Aanchal says she wanted notes so he came to give her notes, as he is free only in nights. She asks why you are scared as if he is my boyfriend. Bhawna asks if I am a coward. Aanchal says there is something there, and Bhawna gets scared. She asks who told you this thing, and asks her to say. Bhawna thinks about Raghav. Aanchal says whoever said this, might be your good friend, don’t go that friend away from you. Bhawna says I can’t befriend him. Aanchal asks if he is a man, and tells that when there can be friendship of a man and woman in Gods, then why can’t between humans.

Malini asks everyone to dance. Aanchal calls Bhawna. Malini gets upset seeing her. Vidya makes water falls down and signs Bhawna to go and clean it. Bhawna picks the glasses and tray and keeps it. She comes to dance, when Malini asks her to bring samosas. She gives her water. Abhishek sees Meera’s practice video and sees Malini and others dancing badly. He thinks everyone will make their fun in their sangeet. He stops Bhawna from going to sangeet and tells that this is like chidiya ghar. He says Chachi dances well and nobody is giving her a chance. She says Chachi had danced well 2 years back. Bhawna says I have forgotten everything. Abhishek says you can’t forget and asks Aarushi to play music. Bhawna starts dancing and looks at angry faces of Malini, Vidya and the neighbors. She walks out from there to bring samosas. Malini, Vidya and others start dancing badly. Abhishek says Meera is sending videos of good move, but here, it is like walking on coal. He says Chachi needs to return to make everything fine. Malini says no need and tells that they need to be answerable to society. Malini shouts Abhishek and asks him to be silent. Abhishek says ok, I will be silent. Poonam asks if the bride’s team will work. Malini says we are groom’s family and shall win. Abhishek says you are playing some other games with Chachi, I don’t care if you get insulted. Vidya says see how, he is talking to you due to Bhawna. Malini says I would have beaten him like donkey, if he was not marrying in 2 days. She asks Vidya to call bhawna. Vidya refuses. Malini takes Vidya from there, and tells that for the right time and need, we have make donkey as our father. She says today I will show you triyacharitra.

Aarav comes to Raghav and asks him to give binoculars, as he wants to see dance. Raghav gives. He thinks to see whose dance, he is going to see. Bhawna is making something in the kitchen, when Malini and Vidya come there. Malini raises hand on her and then asks if you think of me like this. She says I have to stop you due to the society, I don’t believe in shagun or abshagun else wouldn’t have allowed you to attend the marriage festivities. She acts good with her surprising Vidya. She asks Bhawna if she will teach them dance. She says I always thought you as younger sister, it is your son’s marriage and they didn’t send any saree. She says I will give you my old saree to you, and asks her to wear it. She asks Vidya to send the neighbors and then they will come.

Raghav comes to the balcony and thinks who is there in their house, of Aarav’s age. Aarav says you are not interested to dance. Raghav says he used to dance in college. He looks at Bhawna dancing through the binoculars, and he dances too. Vidya thinks she is becoming dance master, I will see teach her a lesson. Raghav doesn’t see her conspiracy as he was distracted by Aarav. Vidya takes the nails and put on the floor where Bhawna is dancing. Raghav again sees and realizes Bhawna will step on the nails and will injure her feet. Just then Bhawna sees the nails, picks it and keeps them on the table. She continues dancing. Savita asks Brij mohan about Bakshi’s case. Brij Mohan says I will take update from Raghav. He is coming to Raghav’s room.

Precap: Bhanu sees Raghav going out for jogging, and messages the goons that the target went out of the house. The goons come on the bikes holding hockey sticks to attack Raghav.

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