Doosri Maa 20th March 2023 Written Update

Doosri Maa 20th March 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Doosri Maa 20th March 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kamini telling that Yashoda is making an issue unnecessarily. Krishna says there was oil in it. Mahua asks Yashoda if she did this, as Amma and Babu ji have kept Aastha in their room. Yashoda is shocked. Kamini says Mahua is right and tells Amma that yashoda stayed with Bhai for years and have learnt law. She says she might have thought to trap everyone, and make them guilty in Aastha’s sight. Nupur says don’t say this, even I saw the oil in the bowl. Amma says not a word anymore and says I wouldn’t have been surprised if someone else would do this, but I didn’t expect that you will do this with Krishna’s help and then kept bowl there so that you can raise doubt in our hearts for the family. She says you can’t fool us. Krishna says oil was there in the bowl which is missing now. He says someone made badi baby fall down and says one day that person will be exposed. Babu ji asks did you think of us like you, street guy and thief. Krishna says your problems will not be solved even if you raise questions on my birth and says the truth will not change that someone tried to hurt badi baby whom everyone loves. Yashoda asks him not to argue with babu ji.

Krishna asks who will reply him if you make me silent. Babuji says so you will answer me and misbehave with me. Krishna says I am not misbehaving with you, you are like my Dada. Babu ji says don’t know whose sin result you are. Krishna says I have to ask whoever has done this sin. Yashoda shouts asking him not to misbehave with babu ji. Kamini asks Krishna to say. Krishna says if we want to play this game then would have kept oil bowl, why we would have kept clean bowl, we would have trapped you all fully. Amma says Krishna is right. Mahua says they might have thought that we will not check it and would have forgotten to keep oil in the bowl. Yashoda says why will I do it? Kamini asks her to argue and asks her to forgive her. Yashoda says neither I nor Krishna is lying. Aastha says Krishna can’t be wrong for you and asks Sonu to take her to Dadi’s room. Nupur says didi. Aastha says don’t come near me. She goes. Yashoda cries and comes to her room. She recalls Aastha’s bad behavior.

Krishna recalls Babu ji’s words and cries. He imagines his mother’s voice calling him and asking him if he has forgotten what she used to tell him. Krishna asks what? Mala says there was two types of people, one those who cry all life for their own pain and the other people help others rather than crying for their own pain. She says what you shall do? Krishna says I shall wipe Madam ji’s tears rather than crying for my pain. He wipes his tears.

Nupur tells Yashoda that Aastha is stupid and doesn’t know what to say. Yashoda says Aastha feels that Krishna and I are liars and Ashok ji left because of us. Krishna comes there and tells that he doesn’t care and she shall also not care. He says I will bring Aastha to you, and asks her to call Bansal. He asks her to ask him to ask his wife to stay away from them. Yashoda asks why I shall call. Krishna reminds her that she had stolen her money, and then made call to you first when Aastha fell down, when she said that she had gone to get medicine. He says who told her that she fell down from stairs and tells that only Kamini has problem with you in this house and asks her to complain to her husband. He says Bansal ji had made her understand then. Yashoda says Krishna. Krishna says we can’t see you crying, and asks him to call. Yashoda says it is her intention whatever she does with me, if I tell this to jija ji then they will argue. She says why I shall become the reason and you both too. She asks them not to become reason of someone’s pain. She says it hurts when someone closer hurts us, it gives much pain. Yashoda opens the window and sees Aastha. She says how to make you understand who Krishna is? She says I shall kick him out, but if you will hope this from your mother, that I shall kick an innocent boy who is not guilty. Aastha sees Yashoda and cries. Yashoda signs her. Aastha turns her face and thinks I love you, but I can’t bear Krishna around you. Yashoda takes Ashok’s photo and talks to him. She says I couldn’t tell your kids about their brother, and says he is step brother, but how to throw him out. She says if I do it then will you forgive me.

Babu ji says that illegitimate child is misbehaving with me. Mahua asks him to seek legal action against him. Amma says Mahua is right, the court will take Krishna away from here. babu ji says I will meet a lawyer tomorrow.

Sonu comes there and shouts saying that his parents are fighting. They all run to go there. Kamini says I will go to my Amma and Babu ji. Bansal says that old man doesn’t give you any penny and you praise him. They pretend to fight. Bansal says I will kill you, as you are useless to me. Kamini says you will get sin. He picks something and hits. Everyone comes there and sees Kamini on the floor and Bansal attacking her.

Episode ends.

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