Doosri Maa 20th November 2023 Written Update

Doosri Maa 20th November 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Doosri Maa 20th November 2023 Written Episode

The episode starts with Arvind giving poison-mixed prasad milk to Krishna saying him that he shouldn’t reject prasad. Krishna drinks prasad and collapses spitting blood from his mouth. Mahua recalls Kamini serving her prasad saying same. She gets out of imagination and stops Krishna from having poisonous prasad. She tells Arvind that Kamini had fed her poisonous prasad and not Kamini. Arvind stands shocked and asks Mahua if she is sure. Mahua says she is sure. Mahua says Yashoda just offered her prasad, it was Kamini who always insisted her to have prasad, she regularly used to feed her juice or milk. Arvind stands shocked. Krishna says he already told them that madamji is innocent, but they didn’t listen to him; Arvind used to pray Yashoda and he disrespected his goddess.

Arvind visits vaidya and threatens him to reveal if Yashoda ever bought poison from him. Vaidya says he just saw Yashoda in news paper and never met her. Arvind asks if Kamini bought poison from him anytime. Doctor hesitantly agrees and says she bought abortion poison and later came after a month came for a stronger dose which should be mixed in juice or milk. Arvind shatters hearing that and recalls Kamini tricking him and forcing him to adopt Sonu, calling him a fool, Yashoda pleading that she is innocent and him not trusting her, etc. He reaches home and sits outside crying loudly.

Mahua walks to Arvind and says again that it was Kamini who killed their baby. Arvind tells Malti that he did really bad with Yashoda and will repent for his sins, Yashoda is in Ranbir’s trap and her life is in danger, he will go and save her first. Suresh reaches Randhir’s den with money. Randhir ties even him and threatens to kill Yashoda. He asks Kamini to take as much money as she can. Kamini says whole money is not enough for her. Randir describes how he will kill Yashoda and points gun at her.

Precap: Suresh gets Kamini, Bansal, and Randhir arrested. Randhir snatches inspector’s gun and shoots Yashoda.

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