Doosri Maa 22nd May 2023 Written Update

Doosri Maa 22nd May 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Doosri Maa 22nd May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ashok waking up shouting Krishna and Yashoda are in trouble. He goes from there. A Sadhu/Bandhu comes there and asks what happened? Ashok says he has dreamt that Krishna and Yashoda are in trouble. He says my dreams also fulfills, and tells that I can feel that Krishna is in danger. Mahua talks to her mother and tells that she is happy that Krishna left. She makes fun of Yashoda. Arvind asks her to feel ashamed of joking about Yashoda. Mahua says you are a lota. Mahua asks him to support his bhabhi, else I will support her. She goes to Yashoda and asks her to have tea, says she has made it in her kitchen. Yashoda is teary eyes hearing her taunts. Mahua asks what happened? Yashoda refuses to take tea. Kamini taunts Yashoda taking Ashok, Mala and Krishna’s names, and says they were runaway people. Yashoda defends Krishna and says she knows that they have done something. Babu ji tellsYashoda that she is responsible for Ashok’s decision. He thinks Krishna didn’t think about your love and ran away. He says this is his truth. Yashoda says my Krishna can never run away leaving me, says he is Yashoda ka Krishna and asks him to understand this. The bandhu come there and tell Ashok that Mandal Baba will give you Diksha in Sitapur and asked you to come here. He says after you take diksha, you will get diksha and will be freed of the worldly worries. Ashok refuses to go there. Bandhu tells that he is destined to be Sadhu, and tells that Mandal Baba has decided to give you bhiksha there. Alok says I can go anywhere, but not Sitapur. Bandhu Alok says ok. Ashok asks himself to go and check everyone. He says after the diksha, I can’t find about them.

Yashoda tells Amma that when the right time comes, then she will tell them what has happened. The kids come ready to go to school. Yashoda asks them to sit for 10 mins so that she makes paratha. Kamini comes there and switches off the gas knob. She asks Yashoda to make paratha somewhere else. Amma asks what is this misbehavior? Kamini says she is following babu ji’s orders. Babu ji comes there and asks Kamini to back off, and asks Yashoda to make paratha. He asks Amma to make vegetables for them. Yashoda tells that nothing will be changed and tells that when you have done partition, we were 4 and tells that when you lift it, we will be 4 and not 3. Babu ji refuses to accept Krishna. Aastha asks Yashoda why she refused. Yashoda tells the girls that she will make them have something outside. Amma tries to convince Yashoda. Yashoda asks Amma how Krishna will feel when he returns home. She refuses. Arvind also tries to convince her. Yashoda goes.

Ashok tells Alok that now he will get Diksha. He returns to Sitapur and Ashok along with the Sadhus get welcomed. The flower petals fall on Yashoda and the girls. They feel Ashok can return. Yashoda gets emotional.

Episode ends.

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