Doree 5th June 2024 Written Update

Doree 5th June 2024 Written Update by Tanaya

Doree 5th June 2024 Written Episode

Doree sits in a temple during an aarti and prays to God, saying she can’t live without her baba and doesn’t want to be separated from him. Doree says that whole Bunkar Vasti is her world and she can’t live without them. Pavitra arrives and apologizes for bringing Flora home, explaining that Flora insisted on meeting her father. Ganga Prasad had to take responsibility for Flora. Pavitra tells Doree that Ganga Prasad will do anything for her and is even risking his life. Pavitra feels she has no other option but to keep Flora happy, even if it means sacrificing someone else’s happiness. She leaves Doree thinking about Ganga Prasad’s safety and if she’s the cause of his troubles.

Ganga Prasad is sewing a saree. Nani advises him to rest, but he insists on working to make Doree happy. Kailash Devi tells him to let Doree face her destiny, but he refuses, reminding her that he saved Doree from the Ganga River and will do anything for her. Ganga Prasad falls, stopping anyone from helping him. Doree sees this and realizes how much her baba is risking for her.

The next day, Ganga Prasad wakes up and searches for Doree, fearing someone took her. Flora gets annoyed. Unable to walk, Ganga Prasad crawls on the floor, shouting in fear. Pavitra thinks Doree might have left after hearing her words. Doree returns, and Ganga Prasad scolds her for leaving without informing him. Doree explains that it’s Vrid, and since he usually fasts for her, she will fast for him this year. They get emotional, reaffirming that no one can separate them. Doree says they should leave everything to God and create a moorthy. Pavitra realizes Doree isn’t ready to leave the house yet, even though she had packed her things and got emotional recalling her moments with Ganga Prasad.

Pavitra tells Doree that she will take Flora away after the puja, and Flora won’t always have her father’s love. Doree can stay with her baba. Doree pleads with her not to leave, asking if she will be far from her baba. Ganga Prasad calls Doree, and she rushes to him, reassuring him that everything will be alright and they will do a puja to Ganesh Ji to fix everything. While creating a Ganesh Ji moorthy, Flora wonders when Doree will leave her life. Ganga Prasad frequently checks outside, worried someone will come for Doree. Nani advises him to have faith in God, reassuring him that Doree won’t leave him. Ganga Prasad asks Govind about the time, worried that the Bal Nivas people haven’t arrived yet. Doree tells him to trust God. She remembers negotiating with the Bal Nivas people, asking for a day’s time to fast with her baba and agreeing to the adoption.

Ganga Prasad and Doree start the puja together and perform aarti. Satho dances, and Doree asks Ganga Prasad to take a selfie with her, wanting the photo that day. She takes pictures with everyone in the basti. Anand orders his staff to prepare all the papers, vowing to kill Doree this time and separate her from her baba forever. Chakram overhears and worries that Anand won’t let Doree live in peace. Doree, on her end, resolves to leave Ganga’s life so that he doesn’t have to go through any more hardships.

Precap: Doree takes permission from Ganga Prasad to visit the temple. Ganga Prasad says to her that she doesn’t have to take permission for small things. Doree says to him that she gets lost whenever she leaves without his consent. Doree walks out and then meets a woman who has her face covered by a veil. And the woman says that she knows who is Doree’s mother.

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