Mangal Lakshmi 5th June 2024 Written Update

Mangal Lakshmi 5th June 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Mangal Lakshmi 5th June 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Kusum says Lakshmi Karthik comes to eat. This is your first meal after getting married. Gayatri says sit with each other. Mangal asks them to sit. She serves them food. Kusum you both should eat from the same plate. Mangal brings a bit platter for them. Mangal says let me call Adit as well. Adit rests in his room. He says who gets married in this hot summer? I am glad I came here. It’s so much fun to see Karthik in thisi exhibition. So helpless. Someone comes there. Karthik says I am not hungry. Kusum says if you don’t eat your wife won’t eat either. She says to make Lakshmi eat. Karthik says why is everyone after me.

Somiya comes to Adit’s room in a bridal dress. ADit says what are you doing here in this dress? What if someone sees you? She says how long will we hide from people? She kneels and proposes to me. She asks Adit will you marry me? ADit says what rubbish is this? You scared me. I thought you don’t like marriage and think it’s a burden. She says I thought but today I saw all married women and their dignity. It looked so good. Why should I keep myself away from this happiness? It’s all so special sindur, mangalsutra, the respect a girl gets with it is so special. I want to make that special relationship with you. Adit is shocked. She says will you marry me? I wanna marry you.

Lakshmi recalls what Karthik said. Karthik makes her eat. he says in his heart why didn’t you tell Mangal? Why did you do this to me? You cheated me again. Somiya says we love each other. Our next step should me marriage. She hugs him. Mangal says Lakshmi got her love. I am so glad. I will focus on my marriage and kids now. Somiya says let’s take the next step together. She shows him the mangalsutra and says make me wear it. Adit say what? You will wear mangal sutra? Did you steal it from the mandap? She says I mean it. Make me wear it. Mangal is coming there. Adit says why are you acting like a child? You know I am already married. This isn’t a joke. She says but.. ADit says you know what I feel for you then why are you torturing me? She says I am being tortured when people bring me down for not being married. Mangal gets respect for being your wife. I want the same dingy. Mangal comes outside. Adit looks at the door.

Mangal asks are you ready? Adit asks why do you wanna come to my room? She says came to call you for dinner. People re calling you. he says I am changing. Everything can’t be according to what people want. Don’t ruin things. She says there’s a cloth stuck on the door. It’s Somiya’s dress. Adit says I will see it. Somiya says to Adit you were taunting me? He says you always told me you don’t want to be Mangal and now you’re torturing me? She says I don’t wanna be a secret anymore. He says please stop it. I don’t wanna talk about this anymore. please go from here. He leaves. Somiya cries.

Scene 2
Lakshmi says I was saying. Karthik says our lives are ruined. everything is over. Kusum says you’re starting a new life, Lakshmi. All the girls are nervous on this day. I know Karthik will keep you very happy. Mangal hugs Lakshmi and says Karthik will always love and respect her. She got a real-life prince. She will be part of my family. Kusum says you both have a new relationship now. She says let’s do bid. Lakshmi leaves the venue. Gayatri says Lakshmi move towards your new life. Lakshmi recalls Karthik saying he loves someone else. Lakshmi hugs Mangal and cries. Mnagal asks if is everything okay. Lakshmi says I just felt emotional. I feel very alone. Mangal says Karthik is with you. Everything will be good now. You have a mother like Gayatri now. I found amma, she helped me with everything. Lakshmi says if you’re with me I will face anything. Mangal hugs her. Mangal says Karthik always takes care of my sister, and never hurts her. Lakshmi meets everyone. adit says may your love live forever.

Gayatri says let’s go now. Lakshmi says to Karthik I was saying. The kids come there. They say we want to go with Karthik. Karthik says it’s fine. They go home.

Episode ends

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