Doree 6th February 2024 Written Update

Doree 6th February 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Doree 6th February 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
The minister welcomes everyone to the event. Yash introduces the minister and thanks her for inviting the kids from his school. He welcomes Kailashi as well as a guest. Kailashi says to Anand are you sure Doree won’t come? Mansi says in their heart thank God Doree is away from them, Kailashi starts with the arti. The minister stops her and says this blessed event will be started by the blessed kid who saved so many girls. Her name is Doree. Everyone claps. She says we will reward Doree. I will invite Doree to do the arti. They ask Doree to come on the stage. No one comes. Yahs asks his man, he tells Yash all the workers left the city. Yahs says to Sudha I am sure Maa did it. Anand says Maa used to do this arti every year. This year too she will do it as Doree is not coming.

Kailashi is about to start the pooja. Everyone screams Doree is here. Doree comes in with her family. She woke up in the van and asked where are we going. nani said away from this city. They’ve given you enough pain. Doree said we have to stand against the bad and not run away like this. Kailashi killed dad adn I will expose her and get my dad justice. Nani said you’re a kid. I will only save your life. I don’t care about anything else. Doree said we can all unite and stand together and face them. We have to not let her scare us off from our place. Doree walks in. Kailashi is shocked.

Scene 2
Komal and Raj come to the police station. Komal says you have to find the kidnapper of our kids. They find the CCTV footage. Police play it. Raj and Komal see Nelu picked the kids. They’re shocked. Doree comes and does the arti. The minster asks Doree to come on stage and get the award. Doree says thank you but I don’t need an award. Whenever I do, something bad happens. When I ran and won the race, Dad got hit by a car. If you want to give me something, give me justice. The minister asks for what? She says someone killed my dad. I want justice for my dad. Kailashi is shocked. Doree says she killed my dad. Kailashi killed my dad. Nani says Doree is right. Doree never lies. Mohan, Rahim, and everyone says yes she killed Ganga.

Real Kailashi does arti and prays for Agni. She says I hope you find a reason to live again. Anand says to Rukmani don’t worry I am here. Yash asks Sudha to take the kids out. raj calls Anand and says I found out who kidnapped Vansh and Ansh. It’s Nelu. Anand says what? I will kill her.

Scene 3
The police come to look for Nelu. She hides in the basti. The inspector catches her. The people in the event say Kailashi should be arrested. Kailashi says this girl is lying. She’s accusing me when the reality is that her dad wa s thief. She’s lost her mind after his death. She attacked my daughter in law. She wants to destroy my family. She’s very dangerous. She is a murderer. Nani says shut up. Dn’t dare to say a word against Doree, or we won’t leave you alive. Anand says see she’s threatening us. Doree said my dad wasn’t a thief. I didn’t attack anyone. I am just my dad’s daughter. We were so happy before they came into our lives. She says to Mansi you didn’t say the truth that day. Please tell everyone the truth today. Tell everyone, did I attack you?

Episode ends

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