Parineetii 6th February 2024 Written Update

Parineetii 6th February 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Parineetii 6th February 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1

Pami shouts at Neeti to stop joking around when it comes to Sanju and Pari’s rituals, she says I know you are doing all this deliberately. Pari says its not her fault but Pami tells her not to stop her. She shouts at Neeti to not harm Pari and Sanju’s relationship, I know you are lying about being innocent, you have already tried to spoil their relationship in the past but she won’t allow her to interfere between them. Neeti gets dizzy so Sanju tells Pami to let her be. Pami angrily leaves. Neeti sadly leaves.

Neeti comes to her room and gets dizzy recalling Pami’s harsh words. Pari comes there and asks what happened? Neeti says to stay away from me.. I feel like I can’t breath, just stay away from me. Neeti starts getting some flashbacks but Pari hugs her tightly and consoles her. Neeti says I am fine. Pari asks her to calm down and says everything is okay. Neeti says why’d Pami say that I am lying and I interfered between you and Rajiv? what did I do? Pari says you didn’t do anything. Neeti says don’t lie to me.

Sanju comes to Pami and apologizes to her for getting angry at her. Pami says its okay but you have to see what I can. Gurvindar comes there and says why are you doubting Neeti? Pami says even if she lost her memories but what if she gets her memories back? she hated Pari and wanted to harm her, she is dangerous for Pari. Pari is very innocent but we all know if Neeti gets her memories back then she won’t spare Pari. We can’t keep her close to Pari, I feel like she is lying about losing her memory. Sanju says I don’t think she is lying. Pami says then why did she spoil your ritual with Pari?

Neeti asks Pari what did she do? I got into an accident and then suddenly you were married. I feel weird and you seem changed too.. you had an arranged marriage with Sanju but you both seem very close and mature among each other. If you two just got married then how come you both have so much love? what I went into a coma for a long time? Pari says its not like that. Neeti says yes.. I woke up when you got married but you got married at your parents’ house so how come we are here? Why did Pami say that I interfered between you and Sanju? I know you would forgive me for my mistakes but what about Sanju? Pari says if you had done any mistake then you wouldn’t be living here. You can never harm your Pari, everything is right. Neeti says I can see that I did something wrong, you seem angry with me. Pari says yes.. you promised to be with me on my wedding day but you got into an accident so I was sad. Neeti says you are sure? Pari says yes. Neeti says I have to do something but don’t be hurt.

Pami tells Sanju and Gurvindar that they have to think about Neeti before she gets her memory back. She says Sanju and Pari couldn’t even have their marriage night. Gurvindar asks Sanju if that’s the case? Pami says you have to smart, she tells Gurvindar to keep an eye on Neeti. She says Neeti has to leave.

Neeti tells Pari that she has to go back to her parent’s house. Pari says you don’t have to but Neeti says I have to.

Sanju is working late night, he tells Pari that he will go in the study room so she can sleep. Pari says can I go to Neeti? Sanju says you don’t need to ask me.

Neeti thinks why Pami doesn’t like me? Pari comes there and says I want to be with you here. Neeti says you should be spending time with your husband. Pari says I wanted to sleep with you. Neeti says you have to go back. Pari says I want to sleep here. Neeti says I am not stressed anymore so don’t worry about me. Go to Sanju now. Pari says I will sleep with my friend tonight. Neeti hugs her and says you are my best friend, I am not worried about Pami’s words anymore. Pari says we can watch TV together, they both get excited. Sanju sees them and thinks Pari is so happy with Neeti but Pami won’t let Neeti stay here anymore.

The episode ends.

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