Doree 7th June 2024 Written Update

Doree 7th June 2024 Written Update by Tanaya

Doree 7th June 2024 Written Episode

Rukmini gives prasad to Anand and Yash and thinks about the prediction and feels that a daughter has been born in her house and is about to meet her. Mansi completes her puja, praying for her daughter’s happiness. Ganga Prasad performs aarti for Doree, finishing his puja and breaking his fast. Ganga Prasad mentions that he prayed sincerely, and the people from Bal Nivas didn’t come to take Doree away. Flora dislikes this and runs off, with Doree following her.

Mansi performs the puja alone for her daughter, who isn’t with her. She believes that her prayers will reach her daughter and hopes for a chance to meet her. She vows to protect her daughter at any cost. Meanwhile, a woman with a covered face arrives and steals the puja items. Flora accuses Doree of trying to steal her baba and says this isn’t her house. Doree reassures her that she isn’t trying to take her baba away and will leave his life within 30 minutes. Flora asks if their baba knows about this, and Doree says she hasn’t told him yet. She advises Flora to take care of their baba, give him his medicine and food on time, provide water at night, and hug him tightly whenever he misses her. Kailash Devi and Pavitra overhear this conversation and think Rukmini’s plan is working. Doree becomes emotional while looking at the gifts from her baba.

Doree asks Nani to take care of Baba, explaining that massaging his hands will help him recover quickly. Nani is confused and asks why Doree can’t do it herself, suspecting she might be leaving. Doree denies it. Ganga Prasad calls Doree to feed her kheer, and they share a heartfelt moment together. Meanwhile, Rukmini meets Guruji, explaining that she has prevented any daughters from being born in her family after his warning but still feels something is wrong in her life. She feels unhappy and unsettled. Guruji tells her to perform a ritual, which she follows.

Guruji informs Rukmini that despite her efforts, a powerful girl has been born in her family and is still alive, living away from the family. This girl will bring destruction to Rukmini’s life. Rukmini speculates that Komal’s daughter might be the girl. Kailash wants to reveal the truth to Ganga Prasad but fears losing him again because of Doree. Doree seeks their blessings and asks for permission to light a Diya in the temple. Ganga Prasad grants permission, teasing that she is just finding an excuse to go out. Doree assures him she won’t go out without permission.

Meanwhile, the same woman brings Prasad to Doree’s house, believing that Doree must leave her baba. Doree collects her memories and leaves the house. Rukmini, convinced that Raj’s daughter is alive because of Doree, decides to show no mercy and poisons the kheer.

Precap: Doree walks to Rukmini and says you stole my childhood, tortured my Baba and now I know the truth that I belong to the Thakur house and your end is near.

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