Mera Balam Thanedaar 7th June 2024 Written Update

Mera Balam Thanedaar 7th June 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Mera Balam Thanedaar 7th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bulbul standing outside Principal’s house with his wife and son. Principal thinks he is just 5 mins away from reaching airport and then nobody can do anything. Bulbul calls him and says she is Bulbul and asks him to come somewhere with photos and videos of Varnika and other girls, else she will tell his truth to his wife. He says I don’t believe that Gitanjali is with you. His wife asks if she is talking to her husband and says even she wants to talk. Bulbul says 1 min. He hears his wife’s voice and asks Bulbul not to tell her anything, and tells that he will come there.

Bulbul reaches the jungle and comes to the big tree. She calls Veer to inform him that she has reached, everything happened as planned. He says you are looking good in Police uniform. Bulbul asks from where you are looking at me? She sees him and says I am coming. Veer asks her to stay there and tells that he is always with her. He says you shall be alert, we need to make him confess his crime. Bulbul says she will make him confess all his crimes. He says I am proud of you.

Vardhan asks Sulakshana to come and tells that Jyoti is calling many times. Sulakshana says let everyone come. Dhristi and Kaveri come there. Kaveri says Dhristi might look like Bulbil in veil, but what if anyone sees the empty neck. Sulakshana brings mangalsutra which she got made for Bulbul. Vardhan asks her to keep it for Bulbul. Vayu comes there and says Bulbul escaped from lock up. Vardhan is shocked. Sulakshana asks if you still think that she is innocent and says you don’t want to remove the blindfold from your eyes. She gives mangalsutra to Dhristi. Dhristi says everyone shall get ready, as Veer’s wife is coming.

Principal reaches the jungle and shouts calling Bulbul and asks where is she? Bulbul asks herself to gear up her coverage. Veer asks Dhruv and others to be alert. They are also hiding there. Bulbul says I am here and walks towards Principal. He asks where is Gitanjali and my son. Bulbul says you didn’t think before ruining many girl’s lives, and says you are Sirji and Avinash used to work for you. She says you tried to kill Varnika and me and killed Avinash. She asks him to give all the girls’ photos and videos, else she will not tell where is his family. He asks where is my family, if anything happens to them. Bulbul asks him to say. Principal signs Ratan who is hiding behind the tree. Ratan shoots at Bulbul’s chest. She closes her eyes. Veer is shocked and is about to run to her, but stops. Principal laughs. Veer calls Dhruv and says Ratan has come, be alert. Principal tells Ratan that his bullet hit the right aim and says all the proofs, witness and Bulbul is finished. He says she has eloped from the PS to know the truth and say listen to it, and says I have killed Avinash and ended his story. He says Bulbul…..I have won.

He turns and sees Veer aiming gun at him. Ratan is about to take out the gun to shoot Veer, but Dhruv and the constables come there and aim gun at them. Veer congrats him for his confession. Principal says your wife died, RIP. Bulbul calls him and asks him to give his hand to help her get up. He gets shocked. She stands up and shocks him. She says I am alive, as I was wearing…Veer says bullet proof jacket. She says this blood is fake and says the proofs which you gave us is real and he has recorded it in his phone. Veer says I never saw such a disgusting guy in my career, and says parents send their daughters to your college, trusting you and you….He says you will be punished badly, and asks Ashok to present this guy’s statement in court and says you both will be proved guilty and Bulbul will be proved innocent. Ratan says I will be out soon. They are taken by the team.

Bulbul gets happy and dances. Veer asks Bulbul to dance after going home. She says we shall celebrate this victory and asks him and others to dance. Dhruv and constables dance. Veer looks at them. Dhruv says I will inform Commissioner Saheb. Veer says ok. Dhruv and constables go from there. Bulbul says lets go. Veer salutes her for her honesty, determination, fight against the wrong etc. He says you have done this on your own, I am proud of you. He says I was shocked and worried when you was shot. Bulbul says you are my bullet proof jacket and nothing can happen to me in your presence. He jokes and asks her to promise that she will never lie. She makes a promise that she will not say new lies, and says all the other lies are old now. Veer smiles.

Episode ends.

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