DTB Awards 2013 – List of All Categories

Here are the categories:

  1. DTB Awards 2013 – Best Thriller Show
  2. DTB Awards 2013 – Best Reality Show
  3. DTB Awards 2013 – Best Comedy Show
  4. DTB Awards 2013 – Best Youth Show
  5. DTB Awards 2013 – Best Child Actor
  6. DTB Awards 2013 – Best Siblings
  7. DTB Awards 2013 – Most Promising New Show
  8. DTB Awards 2013 – Best Dialogues
  9. DTB Awards 2013 – Best Villain
  10. DTB Awards 2013 – Best Actor in Supporting Role
  11. DTB Awards 2013 – Cutest Jodi
  12. DTB Awards 2013 – Best Jodi
  13. DTB Awards 2013 – Best Actor (Female)
  14. DTB Awards 2013 – Best Actor (Male)
  15. DTB Awards 2013 – Best Drama Serial

How the winners will be decided?

-All the winners will be decided based on YOUR votes only.

How many times can I vote?

-You can vote only once from each computer device for each category.
-However, you can tell your family/friends to vote, if you want your favorite shows and characters to win.

Can I vote for more than one show or character?

-For most of the categories, yes, you can choose more than one option. But for some of the categories, you can choose only one option.

Why can’t I see the results after voting?

-Results will be visible when polls are closed and winners are declared.

When the voting will be closed?

-All polls will be closed for voting on 29th December, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. (Indian time).

When the winners will be announced?

-We may update who is leading time to time on our FACEBOOK page. But the final results will be announced on 29th December 2013, around 9:00 p.m. (Indian time).

From where will I know who won? (Thanks Sia)

-Results will be posted on this site on 29th December, 2013 at 9:00 p.m under DTB Awards category. After that, you will also be able to see how many votes each nominee got. Currently voting result is hidden.

I have more questions..

-Please post them in comments section and we will try to answer as quickly as we can.

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  1. katti
    December 27, 14:36 Reply

    i have a dougt,
    if i want to vote then i should open an account orcreate a poll is necessary?

  2. any
    December 27, 09:11 Reply

    desi tv box !!as karan singh grover(asad) leave qubool hai so i want last mulaqaat of karan(asad) and zoya(surbhi)video!!!!.it’s a request of asya’s fans plz!plz!plz!plz!plz!plz!plz!plz!plz!plz! plz!plz!plz!plz!plz!plz!plz!plz!plz!plz!plz!plz!plz!plz!plz!plz! plz!plz!plz! qubool it!

  3. anosh qureshi
    December 26, 22:55 Reply

    hii i think u forgot to add akshara from yeh rishta kya kehlata hai aka hina khan

  4. Anoshka
    December 26, 11:35 Reply

    Best Drama Show – AarYa’s Punarvivaah – 1
    Best Jodi – Yash and Aarti…AarYa forever and ever….
    miss AarYa and AarYa’s Punarvivaah – 1 a lot….

  5. usd
    December 26, 02:10 Reply

    where is ek nayi pehechan??

  6. Ashvik
    December 25, 14:29 Reply

    Arvi..i mean arjun and purvi should have been in somewhere there.

  7. Vibhuti
    December 25, 07:47 Reply

    DTB means and what are this awards for????????

    • chota admin
      December 25, 07:52

      DTB means DesiTvBox and the awards are a way for our community of members to vote on what shows they think should win the categories that are posted.

  8. anya raasyi
    December 25, 06:31 Reply

    i hav a question what. if the question. gve u 3 options to pick buh u. only chose 2 how can u choose the 1 more option

    • chota admin
      December 25, 07:36

      You cannot select all 3 options. You must select the top 2 that you prefer out of the 3.

  9. Shaluu
    December 25, 06:02 Reply

    i have one question…
    what is the award by the way????
    or its it just a poll
    thanks… 😀

    DTVB guys.. i wish to appreciate this initiative.. 😀 😀

  10. jayanshika
    December 25, 03:04 Reply

    i have voted and thanx for your information.plz post yesterdays diya aur bathi hum written update

  11. pooja
    December 25, 02:50 Reply

    what is the full form of dtb

    • sakthi
      December 25, 04:18


  12. rainbow
    December 25, 00:37 Reply

    After voting I am not getting any responce about my vote. I am directing to the same page i.e same voting page

    • admin
      December 25, 00:48

      Yeah, results is hidden now. You will see it on 29th Dec 🙂 until then you will keep seeing voting page. However, you can only vote once. After that it will show message ‘your vote has already counted’.

  13. Sia
    December 24, 20:17 Reply

    Plz i have 1 question.

    How Will we get to know Who win…….I mean from where will we get to know from?

    • admin
      December 24, 20:25

      We will post results on the site on 29th Dec at 9:00pm IST. After that you will also be able to see how many votes each nominee got. Currently voting result is hidden.

  14. Samantha
    December 24, 19:54 Reply

    I Have 1 question.
    I want more jodis to vote?

    • admin
      December 24, 19:58

      That’s all the jodis that we have nominated this year. Unfortunately we can’t add any more now.

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