Durga Aur Charu 17th March 2023 Written Update

Durga Aur Charu 17th March 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Durga Aur Charu 17th March 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Chumki says in their heart I am sure this isn’t Durga. Anirban says maybe I am seeing Charu is Durga. Anirban says I will be honest at this wedding. I will be the Anirban you loved. The wedding starts. Sampurna is still looking for Durga. Charu said I will sit there and if you find Durga, I will pretend to faint. You will ring me upstairs. I won’t do any rituals. Durga and Anirban make each other wear the garland. Chumki asks Sampuran you look worried. She says no I am fine. chumki asks where is Charu? Sampurna says she’s making lemonade for me. Go downstairs and handle things. Latika says looks like Durga isn’t found. Rashi says Chumki let’s go downstairs.

Binoy gives Charu’s hand to Anirban’s hand. He gives her blessings. Anirban says I will always hold this hand. Sampurna looks everywhere. Charu is worried. Anirban starts the rounds. He says all the vows. Durga opens their eyes in the store. Sampurna looks for Durga everywhere. Sampurna cries. Pandit ji asks Charu to come forward. She says everything in Durga’s name. sampurna hears a noise from the store. She goes there. Charu and Anirban do the rituals. Pandit ji says now you will fill her hairline. Charu says in their heart I can’t do it. She pretends to faint. Binoy asks are you okay? She says I need to go upstairs. I am not well. Dadi says don’t spot the wedding. Fill her hairline. Then you can rest.

Scene 2
Sampurna finds Durga. She runs downstairs. Anirban picks Sindur. Sampurna comes there but Anirban has filled the hairline. Charu cries. Sampurna tries to tell her the truth. Pandit ji asks Anirban to make her wear the mangal sutra. He says this wedding is complete. She is your wife now. Sampuran tries to wake up Durga. She is fainted. Charu comes there. Sampurna cries. Chumki comes to the store later and says that means Durga got married. Charu says to Sampurna you didn’t complete your promise. Sampurna says I couldn’t find her. Charu wonders how did she go there? Sampura I found her too late. Chaur says how will we tell her that Anirban got married. Sampurna says no please. They make her wear the bridal dress while she’s fainted. Charu says this marriage, this sindur, these bangles everything is of your name. I took all the vows with your name. This marriage is in your name. She fills her hairline and makes her wear the mangal sutra. Durga says Anirban.. Sampurna says, Durga.. Durga says why am I here? My head hurts. She says why do I remember anything?

Episode ends

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