Durga Mata Ki Chhaya 10th March 2021 Written Update

Durga Mata Ki Chhaya 10th March 2021 Written Update by Atiba

Durga Mata Ki Chhaya 10th March 2021 Written Episode

Scene 1
Durga prays to Mata and says Dev-Lakhan need me.

Lakhan and Geeto are sitting in the mandap. Tara says Dev gets scared of fire. Damini says nothing will happen, she starts havan fire and asks the priest to start mantras. Tara thinks what if everyone gets to know that he is not Dev?

Panna and Dev come to the mandir, he says Durga will come back once I marry you right? Panna says yes. They both sit in the mandap and the fire start. Dev starts screaming as he recalls his accident. He screams for Durga to save him. Panna’s goons keep him in place so she can get married to him.

Durga sees a big snake coming near her in the patal lok, she prays to Mata Rani. She sees the snake not harming her and thinks maybe Mata Rani sent it for me. Durga grabs on the snake and he takes her out of the volcano. Durga thanks the snake for saving her life. Durga says today will prove if we will have a peaceful life or destruction from now on. I won’t lose like this. She prays to Mata to save her. A lion comes there and Durga gets scared.

Dev is screaming when he looks at the fire but they all hear a lion. They turn to see Durga coming there on a lion.

Scene 2
Tara prays to get Lakhan saved. She prays for Durga and Dev. She looks at the idol and says I got your hint. She brings the idol to the mandap and puts in front of Lakhan. Geeto is getting agitated with its brightness. Damini looks on. She whispers to Geeto to stay calm, she can’t do much to you. Geeto thinks I am getting pained.

Durga arrives to the mandir on the lion. Dev smiles seeing her. Durga goes to him and says I am back, nothing will happen to you now Dev. Durga hugs him. Dev says I was so worried but everything will be fine now. Prohit comes there and says it’s good that you are here, all are scared of this lion so how will the prayers start? Durga thanks the lion and he leaves from there. Panna is angry seeing all that.

Panna is angry but her goon tells her that all are busy in the pooja so we can steal from the mandir. Durga starts pooja in the mandir.

Lakhan is getting married to Geeto but he starts getting out of his hypnotization and gets from there. He says I want to take Mata’s blessing first. Tara says let him pray to Mata. Other side Durga is praying so the idol in front of Lakhan lights up too.

PRECAP – Damini tells Lakhan that he won’t be spared like this. Geeto turns to evil. All are stunned. Durga tells Dev that she is going to find a solution to go back to the present. Take care of Mata’s idol. She leaves. Dev screams for her.

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