Durga Mata Ki Chhaya 16th December 2020 Written Update

Durga Mata Ki Chhaya 16th December 2020 Written Update by Atiba

Durga Mata Ki Chhaya 16th December 2020 Written Episode

Scene 1
Tara comes to Dev and asks why he is unconscious? Amresh says the doctor gave him sleeping pills so he will remain calm. Tara says to the doctor if you don’t mind then can I see what injection was given to him? She checks it and says it’s a very heavy dose. The doctor says he needed it, Amresh says he is messed up so he needs it. Tara says we all know he is scared of red color and fire. Damini comes there and asks Tara if she has become a doctor? Tara says I know how to read the medicine. Damini tells her not to worry about Dev, I know this doctor and he knows Dev’s history, let’s go out and let Dev rest. Kishore asks if he should stay with Dev. Damini asks everyone to leave.

Sunny is watching Durga’s video of singing jagrata. His mother thinks he is obsessed with Durga. Sunny thinks she will boom my business. He asks his father Surindar to take about money with take money from Shehal who is Durga’s father. He asks him to meet Durga too.

The doctor says I can’t do this, Amresh tells him to not worry as Damini is with you. The doctor says I don’t have real doctor’s degree. Amresh gives him money and Damini asks him to come tomorrow with full preparation, he nods and leaves.

Alok is sad and tells Tara that I miss Avinash and Aarti. Tara says you remember their accident? He says yes we were all going to Manali and a truck hit their car. Tara says we have to do something for Dev. Ayush says yes, he is caged like an animal, you should talk to Damini, he says I don’t want think she will listen, you can try.

Samar comes home, his wife tells him to think about what’s going on in the house. A lawyer came to meet Damini and then she brought Dev out in the pooja and he fell unconscious. Maybe Damini was behind it? Nitu comes there and says you are doubting mummy ji? Samar says mummy ji knows what’s best for Dev.

Scene 2
Amresh tells Damini that we have to prove Dev mentally ill. Damini says tomorrow will be a darkness in Dev’s life, his father thought to make him powerful but I won’t spare him.

Surindar comes to meet Shehal and gives him parsad. He asks him to empty the house. Shehal says where will I take Durga? Give us some time. Surindar says you can take refuge in the mandir, this is my house as you took a debt, I don’t want to force you but I can. He leaves from there. Sunny hides and sees all that. He says tomorrow will be a new day for me.

Alok tells Tara that I did a mistake and we all are bearing the burnt of it. Damini comes there and says you want the kids to go against me? Tara says today is Dev’s parent’s death anniversary but we didn’t talk about them. Damini says today is a celebratory day so we don’t need to talk about death. She starts leaving but her dupatta catches fire from mandir. Ayush throws it away. Damini glares at Durga maa.

Kishore prays for Dev’s life. He leaves. Damini sees it and looks on.

Durga prays to mata rani and says whose dreams I keep seeing? The priest comes to meet her. Durga greets him and tells him about a dream. The priest nods and starts leaving. Durga asks him to say something. He says your time is near, you will know everything soon. Durga says why do I keep saying his face? The priest says he is your reality and you were born for him only, he leaves.

PRECAP – Durga prays for Dev and feels his pain as Dev gets electrocuted. The priest tells her that he will tell her the truth.

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