Durga Mata Ki Chhaya 17th December 2020 Written Update

Durga Mata Ki Chhaya 17th December 2020 Written Update by Atiba

Durga Mata Ki Chhaya 17th December 2020 Written Episode

Scene 1
In the morning, Dev is making Durga’s sketch. Kishore asks him to eat. He says not right now, I have to complete this photo. Kishore asks if he knows this girl? He says no but I wanted to make her photo. Dev asks him for colors. Kishore is worried about Damini but says I will bring it. Kishore asks him to brush his teeth first. He goes to the washroom and turns on the tap but red water comes out. He screams and falls out. Kishore rushes to him. All family members rush to his room. Otherside Durga feels his pain. Kishore comes to the washroom but sees clear water. He tries to calm Dev. dev goes hysteric and pushes Kabir who is Samar’s son. Samar and his wife rush to him. Damini tells Amresh that this is what we wanted. All family members come in Dev’s room to see Kabir hurt. Samar takes him from there. Kishore says Dev got scared of the water, Ayush checks the water. Nitu says Dev is going crazy. Otherside Durga tries to calm her nerves.


Amresh recalls how in the night he had put red color in Dev’s tap. Nitu says Dev was so hysteric that he has hurt Kabir. Amresh asks Samar to take care of his kid. Alok says why did Dev behave like this? Samar says Dev has gone crazy, he has become a dangerous maniac. Damini says Dev can be a danger, she asks Amresh to call the mental hospital. All are stunned.

The mental hospital team comes there. The fake doctor brings them. Tara tries to talk to them but Damini glares at Tara and takes the doctor with her. She asks them to not follow her. All look on.

Scene 2
Durga comes to the mandir. and prays to Mata, she says I don’t know him but I feel like I have a connection with him.

Damini tells Dev that they have come to treat you. They tie Dev’s hands to the bed. Dev is worried but they start electrocuting him. Otherside Durga starts feeling his pain. Dev is crying and Durga feels dizzy with his pain. All family members are worried for Dev. Samar asks Ketki to take Kabir away. Alok runs to Dev’s room as he hears his screams. Amresh stops him. Damini comes out and asks him to go and rest in his room, he leaves. Dev faints and Durga faints too. Damini asks the doctor if the work will be done? The doctor says you want to prove him mental but we can’t shock him today more. Damini says he is right, we have to be patient as others can start getting doubtful. The doctor asks if he can get trapped? Damini says nothing will happen to you.

The priest brings water for Durga and she wakes up. She cries and says I don’t understand, I felt his pain again, it was so painful, who is he? Why do I feel his pain? Tell me if I was born for him? The priest looks on.

PRECAP – The priest tells Durga that she will be married in a big house far away from his village and in a city, that person is waiting for you and you will have to protect him. Durga looks on.

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