Durga Mata Ki Chhaya 1st January 2021 Written Update

Durga Mata Ki Chhaya 1st January 2021 Written Update by Atiba

Durga Mata Ki Chhaya 1st January 2021 Written Episode

Scene 1
Devi is having gol gappa competition with his family. Nitu is working on the party’s plan. Nimu asks why Damini wants this mental case to marry? Nitu tries to ask who is the girl? Nobody knows.

Damini tells Amresh that I am thinking about myself. Amresh says if something happens to Dev after marriage then property will go to his wife and not to an orphanage. Damini says yes, I will control that girl and we will get the property from her. Amresh thinks her plan is good.

Kishore meets the priest in the mandir. The priest makes him meet Durga and says Kishore left this village when he was young. Durga greets him and leaves. Kishore is stunned and says I want to meet this girl’s family.

Durga comes home. Santosh tells her that Sunny is a nice guy so say yes to him. It’s a good proposal for you, we don’t want to send you away. Shehal says we don’t know if your dream man actually exists.

Dev comes to the part with Tara and Kabir. He looks at the trees and gets sad. He recalls a flashback of his younger days when his mother used to bring him there to play. How they had done gardening there. He says I like this smell. Tara says we will bring you here daily. He thanks them.

Scene 2
Some kids come to meet Durga. The kids ask for advice about the clothes for their school annual day.

Nitu is arranging things for the party. Ketki helps her.

A designer comes to Dev and asks him to choose what he wants to wear. Dev looks at the coats. Otherside Durga chooses a blue and white dress for a kid. Dev looks at Durga’s photo and smiles. Dev chooses a blue coat and white shirt.

At the party, all the family members are happy. Alok tells Ayush that Damini is up to something. Damini enters the party. She asks where is Dev? Tara says I will bring him.

Durga is sleeping. Santosh tells Shehal that she is worried after she returned from the city, they let her sleep and go. Durga is dreaming about Dev.

Kishore meets Shehal and Santosh with the priest. Kishore says I used to work for a big family Aneja, I loved a boy there, his parents died in an accident so I took care of him. It’s a big family but he doesn’t get love, he is always locked in a room and makes sketches. He recently made a sketch of a girl who he never met. Santosh says why are you telling us all this? Kishore says because that sketch is of Durga. They are stunned. Durga is sleeping in her room and dreams about Dev making a portrait of her. She sees his face clearly for the first time in her dream.

PRECAP – Damini tells everyone that I have called you all here to announce that I have arranged Dev’s marriage with Preeto. Dev is stunned. Otherside Shehal tells Kishore that Sunny is a good guy so Durga will marry him only. Durga is stunned.

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