Durga Mata Ki Chhaya 22nd December 2020 Written Update

Durga Mata Ki Chhaya 22nd December 2020 Written Update by Atiba

Durga Mata Ki Chhaya 22nd December 2020 Written Episode

Scene 1
Dev is trying to sleep in the park but is cold. Durga comes there and caresses his head. He smiles in his sleep but it turns out to be his dream. He wakes up to see Amresh’s goon there, he says you can come with me. Dev thinks I won’t go with an unknown person. The goon tells his boss that I have found him, he turns around to see Dev gone. He calls his boss and says he has run away. His boss comes there and asks them to find him.

Durga comes to mandir and says do some magic to bring him, I don’t know where he is but do something and bring him here.

Dev is hiding in the park, the goons see him but he runs away again. Amresh calls his goon and asks him to find Dev at any cost. Damini says I knew this would happen, let’s call the police and media here. Amresh looks on.

Durga sings the bhajan in the mandir. Dev is running away and enters the mandir to hide. Durga feels his presence and looks around but doesn’t see him. The goons enter the mandir and look around. Dev hides and tries to look at Durga’s face but he is in the back. Durga says I feel like he is here. The goons catch Dev and take him away.

Scene 2
The media comes to Damini’s house. Tara tells Alok to do something and find Dev. Damini comes there and says I am not feeling well but this is about my family. Ketki murmurs she is a good drama-ueen. Tara asks Damini that you can go and rest, we can answer the media. Damini cries and says how can I be in peace when my son is missing, Dev is lost and I am so worried.

The goons put Dev in the car and try to start the car but it’s not working.

Damini tells the media that I beg you all to find Dev and if anyone finds him then I will give them 1 lac rupees. The reporter asks if he is was not mentally stable? Damini says he is my son, I took care of him when he lost his parents, I never stay away from him. Don’t know where he is. Samarth asks the media to stop their cameras, Damini leaves. Tara asks Damini what is all this? We didn’t have to call the media here. Damini says I am not feeling well. The goons call Amresh and say we have found him.

The goons try to steal a car and start beating the driver. Dev looks on. Damini asks Amresh to video cal your goon. He does and asks him to show Dev but the goon sees Dev gone again. Nimu comes and tells Damini that the lawyer is here.

PRECAP – Lawyer asks Damini if she has made Dev runaway from the house? Amresh says why would she do it? He ran away deliberately. Lawyer says why? Otherside Durga prays for Dev’s safety.

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