Durga Mata Ki Chhaya 23rd December 2020 Written Update

Durga Mata Ki Chhaya 23rd December 2020 Written Update by Atiba

Durga Mata Ki Chhaya 23rd December 2020 Written Episode

Scene 1
Damini tells Batra that Dev is gone, he ran away from the house. Batra says and you didn’t tell me about it? Damini says we didn’t have time as we were looking for Dev. Batra says but you had time to call the media? How did this happen? Damini says we were busy in the pooja and Dev ran away. Batra says did Dev run away or someone made him leave the house? Amresh says who would do that. Damini says we have nothing to gain, I have informed the police also. Amresh says if Dev ran away deliberately then don’t know if we can find him. Batra says why would he run away deliberately?

Dev is running away from the goons. They search around to locate him.
In the mandir, Durga and her father are packing things. Sunny brings 11,000 rupees and says this is the gift. Shehal says this is a lot but Durga says it’s okay, Shehal takes it.
Durga comes to pray to Mata Rani and thanks her for the money. She says maybe that person is not here or you don’t want us to meet right now. Durga starts leaving the mandir but the owners thank her and say you have a beautiful voice, you can stay here and we will give you money. Durga says I don’t need money. Sunny pulls her aside and says they want to invite you to their new house and pray to Mata Rani so you will say no? She says I can’t say no to Mata Rani.

Batra asks Damini why would he run? Damini says because he is ill. Batra says it means you people were not taking care of him and he doesn’t want to stay here, it was not proved that he was not mentally stable. If Dev doesn’t come home and his property will go to the orphanage so find him soon, he leaves. Damini is angry.

Scene 2
Samarth asks Ketki why she is sitting silently? She says I am tensed as Dev is lost. Samarth says you are tensed for him? Ketki says Damini’s acting is running on all channels. Samarth says people like this only. All must be sympathizing with her. Ketki says I can’t handle her drama, we won’t get anything if we remain silent. Ketki says what if she made Dev run away from the house? Samarth says who will benefit if Dev runs away? I will get the benefit as I am the older son of this house and will get all this property. Ketki says you think you will get the property from Damini? She doesn’t care about her step-son.

Nitu tells Ayush that I have to do all the work. Ayush says you can go from here, I am worried about Dev. Nitu says you are worried about the mental person? Ayush says he is the owner of this house, I know mom is behind all this. Nitu says he was mental. Ayush says she made him mental. He gets a call and leaves.

Dev is running on the road. Otherside Durga prays to meet him. Shehal brings the fruits that they got as a gift. She says I will distribute it. She comes out and hears Sunny taking from people and him telling them I will give less money to Durga, her singing will make your jagrata a success. Durga comes to him and slaps him, she asks him to give their money back. He says how dare you? He takes her aside to Mata, we don’t do it for money. Sunny says you are angry that I got more money? I can give you more money if you want. Durga asks him to return the money and she will pay his expenses soon. Sunny says how will you do it? Don’t you know that your father took a loan from my father and he couldn’t pay it back so he had put your house as a security deposit? He can never pay his loan, it’s my mistake that I tried to help you, you will pay for this slap.

PRECAP – Amresh tells his goons to find Dev at any cost. Damini finds Durga’s sketch in his room and tells Amresh that we need to find out about this girl.

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