Durga Mata Ki Chhaya 28th December 2020 Written Update

Durga Mata Ki Chhaya 28th December 2020 Written Update by Atiba

Durga Mata Ki Chhaya 28th December 2020 Written Episode

Scene 1
Kishore opens the door to see Dev standing there. Damini and Amresh come behind him. Tara is happy to see him but Dev is scared. Alok asks Dev where were you? Damini asks Dev to go to his room and Kishore will bring the food. Dev says I don’t want to go. Damini asks him to go, she asks Kishore to take him to his room. Tara asks Dev to come. Kishore takes him from there.

Santosh comes to Durga’s room and tries to wake her up, she asks if she wants milk? Durga is sleeping so Santosh leaves.

Suri is tensed and tells Santosh that I will talk to Durga in the morning.

Damini comes to Dev’s room and asks Kabir to go sleep, he leaves. She enters the room and Dev gets scared. Nitu brings a bucket and some woodsticks. She locks the door. Damini says you like to run right? Why did you run? She shows him Durga’s sketch and asks who is this girl? Where did you meet her? Kabir is outside Dev’s room and thinks what Damini dadi is doing inside? He tells Kishore that Damini and Nitu went in Dev’s room with some woodsticks. Kishore gets worried.
Dev tells Damini that I don’t know this girl. Damini says you made this drawing right so who is she? Dev says I really don’t know. Damini says I am asking nicely and how did you run away from the house? Nitu says he won’t tell us without being punished. Damini says I am asking for the last time. Dev says I don’t know please. Damini asks Nitu to start. Nitu lights the matchstick and burns the woodsticks. Dev cries and gets scared. He screams in pain and recalls his parents’ accident in which their car got burned.

Otherside Durga is sleeping but hears Dev’s cries in her sleep. She wakes up with a start and calls for Santosh. Santosh asks what happened but Durga keeps crying feeling Dev’s pain. Suri says there is no fire, you are seeing a dream. Durga says it’s hurting. Durga says he is alone and won’t be able to bear this pain, please save him. Santosh hugs her. Durga says how can I save him? I couldn’t save my own house, she cries. Suri looks on. Santosh says she is depressed about the house. Suri says she must have seen the bad dream.

Dev cries seeing the fire and pleads them to stop it. He cries for help. Damini asks who opened the door for you? Who helped you in running away? All other family members come outside Dev’s room and ask her to open the door. Dev pleads Damini to keep the fire away. Amresh tells Alok to not interrupt Damini’s work, it’s good if you remain silent. Damini shows Durga’s sketch and asks who is this girl? Where did you meet her? Dev says I don’t know her for sure. Samarth says this all drama is happening because of Dev. Ketki asks Kabir to leave from there, he leaves. Inside the room, Dev is screaming, Damini asks who helped you in running? She screams at him. Kishore shouts that I opened the door for him. All are stunned. Alok says Kishore? Kishore cries and says I opened his door, it’s not Dev’s fault, I should be punished. Please leave Dev alone. Damini comes out and glares at Kishore.

Scene 2
In the morning, Durga is leaving her house with her family. Suri tells Durga that we will like the new place also. a neighbor gives them food and says we will miss you. The girls ask Durga to not leave, who will play with us if you leave? Santosh says we have to leave now. Suri says let’s go. Durga starts leaving in the tempo with her family. Surindar asks Sunny to lock their house. Sunny locks it.

Alok says this Kishore cheated us when we trusted him. If he can cheat us the anyone can. Samarth asks Kishore why he did it. Damini says I don’t want to ask anything from him. Ayush says he must have some reason behind opening the door. Damini says Kishore was pretending and now he has accepted his crime. Ayush says maybe Kishore took someone’s blame. Damini says the truth is that he did a crime and will be punished for it.

Precap – Durga tells Mata that I am going and leaving this village. She faints in the mandir and the priest tells that she can’t be away from Mata.
Amresh tells Damini that you will get power of attorney so you will just be a caretaker of Dev’s property.

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