Durga Mata Ki Chhaya 29th December 2020 Written Update

Durga Mata Ki Chhaya 29th December 2020 Written Update by Atiba

Durga Mata Ki Chhaya 29th December 2020 Written Episode

Scene 1
Durga sees the mandir and asks Shehal to stop the tempo. He does so Durga runs to the mandir. She tells Maa that I am leaving this village and this mandir and you, why are you doing this? The priest says you can never be away from Mata Rani. Maybe there is some reason behind sending you away from here. Your relationship with her is immortal so don’t doubt it. He gives her a small Mata’s idol. Durga touches her forehead to it and gets some energy.. she can’t handle it and faints. Her parents come rushing to her. Santosh says she has a fever, we should go back home, please talk to Surindar.

Damini tells Kishore that your punishment is you will leave this house at this moment only. All are stunned. Tara pleads to spare him. Damini says he did this mistake and if I get to know someone else helped him then I won’t let them stay in the house as well. Tara cries for Kishore. She asks Kishore to get lost. Kishore says I will leave but I just want to meet Dev once. Damini says never. Nitu brings his luggage. Damini says if someone tries to stop Kishore then that person can leave also.

Shehal and Santosh come back to their house with Durga. Shehal pleads Surindar to give them some time in the house. All request Surindar so he gives them one week’s time.

Kishore is leaving the house and cries for Dev. He says when Dev was born, his mother gave him to me and I have taken care of him since then, he eats from my hands only. He pleads if he can meet De but Nitu denies so he requests to at least talk to Dev which Alok agrees to.

Scene 2
Kishore comes out Dev’s room and calls out to him. Dev cries and asks him to open the door. Kishore says calm down, I am here and listen to the family members. Dev asks him to come inside. Kishore cries and falls down the door. Dev cries too.

Kishore is leaving the house so Alok gives him some money and says I am sorry for not able to do anything for you. Tara asks where will he go? He says wherever my life takes me. Damini comes there and asks them to end this drama. Kishore says I am leaving. He greets everyone and leaves the house. Damini asks the family to go their rooms and remember this if you try to go against me.

Shehal and Santosh are taking care of Durga. She is sleeping so they leave her. Shehal says we will leave this place when Durga becomes fine. Santosh says this happened because Mata Rani wants her here. Shehal says but we have to leave this house. We have to make Durga understand. Santosh says she won’t understand, her memories and roots are here. If we try to uproot her then she won’t be saved. Shehal says what can I do? I am helpless. Santosh says you can sell my jewelry. Shehal says no we have to keep them safe for Durga’s marriage. He leaves from there. Durga hides and hears all that.

Amresh comes to Damini and says are you celebrating the victory? This is not a victory, a common servant made Dev run away and we couldn’t do anything. These housemates are trying to rebel against you. If you prove that Dev is mental then you will just get the power of attorney which means you will just be a care-taker of his wealth. Damini says then you don’t need me.

PRECAP – A doctor ties Dev’s hands and he cries for help.
Surindar is sleeping and sees in a dream that Mata Rani is not wearing jewelry, Mata says you have stolen my jewelry. He wakes up to see Durga coming there, she gives him her mother’s jewelry and asks him to return the house to them. He is stunned.

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