Durga Mata Ki Chhaya 30th December 2020 Written Update

Durga Mata Ki Chhaya 30th December 2020 Written Update by Atiba

Durga Mata Ki Chhaya 30th December 2020 Written Episode

Scene 1
Durga comes into her parents’ room and sees them sleeping. She goes to the luggage and looks for the jewelry. She prays to Mata and says if I find the jewelry then I will be able to save this house. Suddenly keys fall in front of her. She takes it and opens the cupboard. She finds the jewelry and takes it from there. Durga says I am sorry parents but I have to do this without telling you, it’s more important to save this house than my marriage.

Surindar is sleeping and sees a dream of seeing Mata. Mata says you have stolen my jewelry, I am like this because of you. Surindar wakes up being scared, he turns to see Durga entering there. She says I have brought my mother’s jewelry, can you please take it and give our house back to us? She cries and prays to Mata. Surindar looks on.

In the morning, Damini is leaving the house. Alok asks her but she says I have some work.

Surindar comes to the priest and tells him about the dream and Durga coming there. The priest says Durga is not a common girl, she was born here. I have made her kundli and Mata’s blessing is with her. Whoever will marry Durga will be a lucky guy and their family. She will bring happiness and wealth to the family she marries into. Surindar says I know everything now.

Nimu brings food for Dev but he screams for Kishore. He throws things around and all come there. Nimu says he was attacking me. Dev holds Ketki’s hand and asks where is Kishore? Samarth comes there and slaps Dev for touching his wife. Kabir says he was just asking for Kishore. Nitu says he is a mental case, we should keep injections for him. Dev tries to leave from there but Nitu puts a foot in front of him and he falls down. Samarth grabs him and says I will tie him, he is going crazy. Tara tries to stop him but says nobody will stop me. Samarth ties Dev’s hands. Ayush says he is our brother so don’t do it. Samarth says he might have hurt my wife. Ayush says I will call the doctor for Dev. Nitu says let me call Damini first. Samarth asks Ayush and Tara to leave the room. All leave. Samarth locks Dev in the room and leaves.

Nitu calls Damini and says Dev has created an issue today, he was trying to hurt Ketki. They are trying to call the doctor. Damini says nothing should happen till I come back. She ends the call and asks the driver to go back.

Sunny comes to Durga and says you are a nice girl. I shouldn’t have taken money for jagratas, I was greedy. I am really sorry, please forgive me. Durga says it’s good that you have realized your mistake. Sunny says please forgive me. She says okay you are forgiven. She leaves. Sunny thanks her.

Damini comes in Dev’s room and sees him tied. He says don’t beat me. I didn’t do anything.

PRECAP – Damini tells the family that I have decided to get Dev married. All are shocked. Otherside Surindar tells Shehal that Durga is a diamond so I want her to become my daughter-in-law. All are stunned.

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