Durga Mata Ki Chhaya 5th March 2021 Written Update

Durga Mata Ki Chhaya 5th March 2021 Written Update by Atiba

Durga Mata Ki Chhaya 5th March 2021 Written Episode

Scene 1
Dev is looking around for Durga. He comes into the market and asks a seller to give him tea and something to eat. A man comes there and hits him on the head. Dev faints. The goon says he has walked into our trap so we will not spare him.

Durga feels like Dev is in the danger. Lakhan tells Durga that you have to help me first if you want to save Dev. She says I won’t help you. Lakhan says you have to. First you will steal the jewelry from here and then we will go back to 1950s together.

Dev wakes up in the jungle. Dilawar is there and says I will kill you like I killed your sister. You did a mistake by coming here.

In the present, all are dancing in the sangeet. Durga is there as a sardar. All ask her to dance as they think she is a sardar. Durga starts dancing. She whispers to Lakhan how will open the safe? He gives her a pin and asks her to use it.

Dilawar asks Dev how he wants to die? Sudden death or a dragged death? Dev thinks that I will die if Durga doesn’t come soon. Dilawar says I will shoot him on the head. He is about to shoot him but Panna comes there and shoots at them.

Durga thinks I don’t have a choice but to do this. She opens the safe. Lakhan comes there and says I can’t trust you. He starts checking the boxes there but doesn’t find anything. He says Damini thinks she is clever but I am a lion. He takes Durga from there.

Panna starts fighting with Dilawar’s goons. Her gang shoots at them. She shoots at Dilawar and hides behind the tree. Dev is scared. Lakhan’s team member tells him to run towards him. Dev starts running to him but Dilawar aims at him and shoots but Lakhan’s man Kuldeep stands in front of Dev and dies. Panna shouts at Dilawar and shoots him. He dies. Panna rushes to Kuldeep. Dev looks on.

Damini is in the sangeet and is holding the safe keys in her hands. Lakhan sees it and tells Durga that she has the key. Durga says stealing is a sin. Lakhan says what Damini does with Dev is right? It’s fine if I steal from her. Durga says this is Dev’s wealth. Lakhan says you said I am Dev so I can take it. Durga holds her Mata’s locket and its power makes a servant trip, the juice gets dropped from his hands and it falls on Damini. Damini falls down, all rush to him. Samarth scolds the waitress. Lakhan whispers to Durga that she has a lot of powers. Durga moves her hand and another waiter drops the juice on Damini. Lakhan praises Durga. Nitu takes Damini from there to change. Durga says I didn’t do anything, this was Mata’s magic. Lakhan finds Damini’s keys there.

Kuldeep is dying and asks Dev to marry his sister, he says my sister Panna so promise me that you will marry her. Dev is tensed and says yes, don’t die please. Kuldeep dies.

Damini comes to her room and sees her keys gone. She says where can it be? She asks Tara if she has seen her keys? Tara says no. Nitu says Dev was nearby when you fell down.

Lakhan opens the safe with the key and tells Durga that I will steal all this. Durga says I won’t let you steal from here. Lakhan pushes her away and tries to leave.

PRECAP – Damini tells Lakhan that you thought you could fool me Dev? Or should I call you Lakhan? Lakhan is stunned.

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