Ek Aastha Aisi Bhi 19th August 2017 Written Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhi 19th August 2017 Written Update by H Hasan

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhi 19th August 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Aastha thinking why Gurumaa or her daughter were not found in the room and if she had a daughter then why did she hide her from everyone. Govind makes Shiv’s idol and asks Shiv to add water. He says you might be thinking why I am making idol alone. He says you might be thinking why Lakshmi gave Manali tickets to Aastha, and says she gave her tickets to make her understand and says she is your mum, won’t do anything which will hurt your heart. Shiv says I know and says Aastha might have thought that she has to go some day and went. He gets up. Jaya asks Govind where is Lakshmi. Govind says Guru maa called and asks her to pick her from temple, she made her part of idol and went.

Lakshmi comes to temple. Radhika is cleaning the floor as per Gurumaa’s plan.
Gurumaa tells Lakshmi that she was feeling unwell and that’s why called her. A boy kicks on the water bucket. His mum scolds the boy. Radhika asks her not to scold the boy and says kids are God’s avatar. She says she will clean the floor again. Gurumaa asks Pandit ji who is this girl and signs him. Pandit ji signs her and praises Radhika, saying she cleans the temple daily, and teaches the poor kids too. He praises her. Gurumaa asks what is her name? Pandit ji calls her. Radhika turns.

Lakshmi sees her and recalls Radhika choosing money over Shiv. Govind says Shiv and parvati is ready. Jaya tells Nand Lal to make idols nicely. Runjhun and Balwan come there. Runjhun tells everyone that Balwan put all sindoor on the idol. They all laugh. Shiv hopes Aastha would be aasthik like us. He imagines Aastha doing aarti and feels happy. He signs her to touch his feet. She pinch him and runs. Shiv runs following her and holds her. Tujhko jo Paya song plays…His smile vanishes as imagination ends. Balwan is standing infront of him and asks what you were thinking? Shiv says he was thinking something. He asks him to say if he misses Aastha. Gurumaa acts and says Radhika. Radhika touches their feet. Guru maa asks why she is staying in temple and working here. Radhika says she is doing penance for her mistake and tells Pandit ji that she will make garland for the temple. Lakshmi asks Gurumaa to come. Shiv says why I will think about Aastha.

Balwan says it is good that she left and says even I was fed up of her daily dramas. Now she will be happy in her house. Shiv says she will be happy now, Maa gave her tickets and she got a chance to go. She didn’t meet me before going, and says if she is happy then I am also happy. Balwan says it is clear in your eyes that you loves her and asks him to call her and asks how is she? Shiv refuses to call her and says when she don’t care, then I will also not care for her. He keeps the phone on table. Balwan asks him to call her. Shiv picks his call and says I will call her mum and asks if she reached there. Balwan says yes and asks him to call her. Just then he gets Sharda’s call, and she asks him to give call to Aastha as she wants to talk to her about Teej. Shiv thinks even she doesn’t know and thinks not to tell her. He says I will make you talk to her after going home.

Gurumaa and Lakshmi are in the car. Gurumaa tells lakshmi that she didn’t think that this is the same Radhika whom they met. Lakshmi says this change is better for her. Jaya and Janki are taking Aastha’s stuff to throw it out. Janki says we shall burn it. They see Aastha standing. Aastha asks about her stuff. Jaya says we came to know that you went to Manali and thought why to keep your stuff here and thought to keep it in outhouse. Govind and Shiv come there. Govind says you went to Manali. Aastha thinks what to tell, shall I tell truth to them. She tells that her friend met with an accident so she went and couldn’t call them as there was no network. Govind says ok and says he will call and inform Lakshmi that she came, she will be happy. He calls Lakshmi, but there was no network. Shiv asks him to message her.

Balwan tells Aastha that everyone got worried and sad, and tells that Shiv was acting not to be sad, but he was very sad. Runjhun asks him to come. Lakshmi informs Gurumaa that Govind messaged that Aastha returned.. Gurumaa says it is good and smiles. Driver loses control on the car as the car is punctured by Gurumaa and hits Radhika who is on her bicycle. Lakshmi sees her face and says Radhika. Gurumaa smiles and thinks now a mum will get her daughter rights back and you can’t do anything Aastha.

Aastha gives Shiv and Parvati idol to Shiv. Radhika comes and calls Shiv. Lakshmi tells them that Radhika met with an accident with their car and that’s why she will stay in the outhouse until she gets fine.

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